• Warsaw in Winter
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    Top Things To Do in Warsaw in Winter

    Winter in Warsaw can be harsh, extremely cold, and snowy, but you’d be glad you made the trip to Warsaw at the time. Why? The season has in stock all the fun that you can get. At night, the city gets illuminated with colorful lights that are hung up on almost every corner. If you are lucky, you might meet a Santa, locally known as Święty Mikołaj.  Vacationing in Warsaw during the cold winter months is nothing short of magical. The magic is everywhere. Whether you believe in magic or not, you’ll find it here in abundance.  How Does Winter in Warsaw Feel Like? As usual, winter is really cold…

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    Krakow or Warsaw: Which one Should You Choose?

    So you’re planning your next trip to Poland and not sure whether to visit Krakow or Warsaw? Not to worry, this post has got you covered.  Poland is one of the most underrated holiday destinations in Europe, sadly. As the sixth largest country in Europe by population, there are many reasons why Poland should be top on the list of your Eastern European itinerary. The country gives other popular tourist destinations like Italy and France a run for its money but this time at a more budget-friendly rate.  And when it comes to history and excellence in the EU, Poland has a key role to play. It is the birthplace…

  • Warsaw Nightlife
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    Warsaw Nightlife: Best Bars & Clubs

    A perfect escape point can take away all the stress and keep you rejuvenated for the next day’s activities. Warsaw is unarguably one of the most fun-filled Polish cities, with a multitude of bars and clubs. The city’s nightlife implodes with loads of fun and exuberance. It is the party district for all revelers of all kinds.  In recent years, the city has seen an explosion in the rising number of bars and clubs. These nightlife spots are top places where you can meet people, party, dance, and socialize. In every corner lies a vibrant spot for socializing as they present the right atmosphere to either drink or buggy down. …

  • Warsaw Budget Hotels
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    5 Best Budget Hotels in Warsaw

    Are you looking for a well-furnished room, centrally located yet affordable? Yes, it’s possible in Warsaw. You don’t have to break the bank to stay in a standard hotel. Warsaw is home to some incredibly affordable hotels with really great amenities, beautiful rooms with modern interior, and easy access to the best attractions the city has to offer.  Warsaw hotels are beautifully designed with top-notch infrastructure. Offering world-class comfort and convenience, Warsaw budget hotels will make your stay in the city even more delightful. If you are traveling on a budget, here are some incredible budget places to stay in Warsaw 1. Moxy Warsaw Praga Centrally located and perfect for…

  • Keret House Warsaw
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    Keret House in Warsaw – The World’s Narrowest Building

    Everyone has a different way of expressing themselves. While some prefer writing, others choose various forms of art. Architecture is perhaps the most underrated art form when it comes to expressing oneself.  Building a home to one’s taste can be an overwhelming task. You want a place where residents can feel at home, relaxed, and comfortable. While most homes are designed to meet residents’ urban standards and demands, few buildings stand out from the crowd. One such structure that makes a statement is Keret House.  Dubbed the world’s narrowest house, Keret House is located in a small gap between the buildings at 22 Chłodna Street and 74 Żelazna Street in…

  • Luxury Hotels Warsaw
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    5 Best Luxury Hotels in Warsaw

    A trip to Warsaw, Poland, is a vacation well deserved. For the history lovers, to the adventurous souls and everything in between, there’s something for every Warsaw visitor.   Prior to your trip, you will want to find the best hotels in Warsaw. While spending time in unfamiliar terrain, you’ll want your accommodation to have at least a similar feel as your second home. You want to get the same comfort as you would back at home. If you are ready to splurge, it is recommended that you stay in one of the best luxury hotels in Warsaw. A 5-star hotel in Warsaw will contribute immensely to an unforgettable vacation experience. …

  • The Warsaw Uprising Museum
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    The Warsaw Uprising Museum – Everything You Need To Know

    On Tuesday, 1 August 1944, at 17.00, the Warsaw Uprising broke out. It was one of the most important and also the most dramatic events recorded on the pages of the city’s history. Planned for several days, it lasted over two months. The best way to honor the insurgents and learn more about these tragic events is a visit to the Warsaw Uprising museum. Controversial Uprising The Warsaw Uprising ended in defeat mainly for political reasons. J. Stalin was contrary and discouraged the Polish underground from staging an uprising against the Germans. The victory of the uprising would stop his plans to make Poland dependent on the Soviet Union. The head…

  • 48 Hours in Warsaw
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    48 hours in Warsaw

    Are you lucky enough to have a stopover in Warsaw? 48 hours in Warsaw can be enough to see the most significant places in Poland’s capital. At the end of your weekend escapade, you will have more than enough reasons for a return trip. Warsaw is a perfect European destination for a weekend getaway with literally hundreds of things to see and places to go. If you try to visit as much sight as possible on such a short visit, you will be disappointed. Here’s our top suggestion during your 48-hour stay in Warsaw. Day 1 Palace of Culture & Science Start off your day’s tour with a stunning view…

  • Warsaw Neon Museum
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    The Neon Museum Warsaw

    In communist times Poland was not associated with multi-colored streets, but there was something that broke the ordinary grey reality. The gloomy cities began to brighten only in the late 1950s when the project of “neonization” was announced on the wave of enthusiasm. In recent years, neon lights have become an object of excitement again. The reason that people are so crazy about old neon lights is primarily the nostalgia for the PRL, as well as a growing interest in the post-war history of Polish cities. During this wave, the Neon Museum in Warsaw within the Soho Factory complex was established. Neons in The World The first Neon appeared in the…

  • Best Museums in Warsaw
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    5 Best Museums in Warsaw

    What better way to learn about the rich history and culture of a particular destination than by visiting a museum? In Warsaw, you’ll find a handful of inspiring museums which gives visitors a chance to learn more about all that there is to know about the city and Poland in general.  So if you’re in Warsaw and thinking of the best places to visit, check out the five best museums in the capital of Poland that will take you back in time.  1. Warsaw Uprising Museum  This is one of Warsaw’s most historically significant museums. Dedicated to the departed souls who stood up against the Nazis during Warsaw Uprising in…