• Best Hotels in Wroclaw
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    5 Best Hotels in Wroclaw

    Continually overshadowed by Poland’s capital city, Warsaw, and a popular weekend getaway spot, Krakow, Wroclaw, the largest city in western Poland and the fourth largest in the country, is renowned for its stunning bridges, vibrant nightlife, overwhelming student population, stunning architecture, and of course world-class hotels. 2016’s European Capital of Culture and the 2017 World Games host Wroclaw, attracts travelers from different corners of the globe. Wroclaw is an astonishing Polish city that would make for a perfect alternative for a remarkable getaway. So buckle up as we are about to embark on a roller coaster ride to unveil some of the finest hotels in Wroclaw.  1. Radisson Blu Hotel…

  • Best Places To Visit in Poland
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    Best Places To Visit in Poland

    Where can you find the most beautiful destinations in Poland? You might ask yourself that question before packing your bags and heading to Poland. Not to worry! We’ve got you covered.  Located in the heart of Europe, Poland has an impressive list of breathtaking places any traveler would be happy to discover. With a rich history, beautiful attractions, exotic local cuisines, and amazing scenery, Poland is a destination waiting to be discovered.  No doubt, Poland is not a hot vacation destination for tourists, so finding the finest gems can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, you can secure the services of a local tour guide. Alternatively, you can research and get…

  • Biskupin Poland
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    Biskupin – The Iron Age Fortified Settlement

    Tired of the touristy destinations in Poland? Looking for an off the beaten path attraction in Poland with plenty to offer? You’re not alone. A trip to Biskupin, the Iron Age Fortified Settlement, rarely makes the lists of most visited destinations in Poland, but it is well worth your time.  Renowned for being the most famous archeological site in Poland, Biskupin is one of the finest sites in Europe, held in high esteem by archeologists, history buffs, and culture lovers. Founded in 1933, the site has undergone a series of renovations and now serves as an open-air museum, with plenty on display.  Unlike the castles, squares, and other religious buildings…

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    10 Top Things To Do in Czestochowa

    Considered the spiritual capital of Poland, Czestochowa is a city in the Slask region in the southern part of Poland. The city is renowned for being the most popular pilgrimage site in Poland. Known for its religious history and impressive cultural heritage, Czestochowa offers plenty of things to do and see for tourists and pilgrims alike.  From the famous shrine of Our Lady of Jasna Gora, where you’ll find the Black Madonna painting and host to a wide range of events and festivals year-round to the colorful architectures and monuments, many holidaymakers in Krakow always plan a day trip to this popular city. Nonetheless, it is a popular vacation spot…

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    15 Best Polish Books To Read in 2021

    Poland is a country that has a rich culture, tradition, and history; however, many excellent writings of Polish poets went unnoticed. There are some outstanding books inspired by war, art, socialism that influenced many individuals worldwide through the power of words. Whether you’re reading for pleasure or just learning the polish language, add these books to your reading list and immerse yourself in Polish literacy. We listed down 15 best Polish books translated to English. 1. The Witcher Series by Andrzej Sapkowski The Witcher Saga is a series of fantasy books written by Andrzej Sapkowski. The series of novels is a continuation of the author’s stories: “The Last Wish” and…

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    Exploring Lower Silesia Province

    Poland welcomes millions of visitors annually but only a few thousands add a visit to Lower Silesia Province into their itinerary. That’s a pity. This region, in the southwestern part of Poland, has plenty of exciting things to see and do. The area has been at the crossroads of European cultures and conflicts for many years. The seat of power in Lower Silesia has changed hands countless times hence it is home to lots of interesting monuments and heritage sites. Skip the more popular Polish tourist destinations such as Krakow and Warsaw and enjoy a trip to the Southern part of the country with loads of hidden gems waiting to…

  • Slowinski National Park
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    10 Most Beautiful National Parks in Poland

    For lovers of the great outdoors, Poland has many National Parks for visitors to explore while vacationing in the country. There is a park to suit every taste and activity. From hiking to cycling, wildlife spotting to rock climbing, and beautiful flower and bird species, there are plenty of activities to make your Polish holiday worthwhile.  Not all national parks in Poland are cut from the same cloth. The following are just some of the popular national parks in Poland that you shouldn’t miss. There are just far too many to list them all.  1. Tatra National Park One of Poland’s most famous national parks, Tatra National Park attracts more…

  • Belvedere Warsaw
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    Belvedere Palace in Warsaw

    Warsaw Belverde Palace, the official building of Polish Presidents, is a remarkable palace-style building which dates back to the 17th century. Explore interesting themes, fabulous designs, and well-adorned rooms. Here, you will find many artifacts with interesting information that pertains to the figureheads in Polish politics before and after the Second World War.  Located at the end of the Ujazdowskie Avenues, right next to Lazienki Park, the beautiful Palace serves as an official residence for Presidents and other top dignitaries on an official visit to Poland. Its location close to Lazienki Park, a popular tourist attraction with many things to see, makes it even more enjoyable.  History The building’s history…

  • POLIN Museum Warsaw
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    POLIN – The Jewish Museum in Warsaw

    Are you ready for a mind-blowing adventure? Plan your next trip to POLIN Jewish Museum in Warsaw.  This is unlike the orthodox museum with dusty exhibitions with long descriptions that bore visitors. Instead, it is mainly interactive. Everywhere you turn, there is something to touch or push. Since its inception in 2014, the museum has added a number of awards to its achievements. In 2016, just less than 2 years to when it opened to the public, the POLIN Jewish Museum was awarded the European Museum of the Year.  POLIN Museum is more than just a museum. It is a significant cultural landmark in Warsaw. The complex plays host to…

  • Wroclaw
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    Best Things To Do in Wroclaw in Winter

    It is only a few days to Christmas, an exciting time of the year where you spend quality time with family and friends. It is a time when retail stores get busy, but there is yet another crowd to look forward to – holidaymakers. Christmas is one of the best times of the year to explore some of the finest destinations in Europe. It is a time to enjoy snowfall and admire cities with their bright colors and lights illuminating the streets at night. At this time, Christmas Markets become one of the most favorite spots to visit. If you are planning an unforgettable getaway this festive season, you have…