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5 Reasons To Visit Poznan

Poznan, the capital of Wielkopolska Voivodship (Greater Poland), is home to more than 500,000 people. It is an excellent base for exploring Greater Poland, and you will be surprised by the number of attractive places to visit within the city and its surrounding areas. 

Wondering why people who visit Poznan for a short holiday fall in love with this lovely city? The city has a rich history, a charming old town square, friendly and hospitable locals, loads of parks and green public spaces, caters to all types of travelers and of course, it’s budget-friendly. 

Unfortunately, the majority of foreign travelers and holidaymakers flock in droves to the most popular tourist destinations in Poland, such as Krakow and Warsaw. By passers seem to only spend a few hours in the city before heading to their final destination. With the incredible things and places that Poznan has in stock for visitors, it deserves more than a full day exploration. 

Now, if you’re looking for reasons why you should pack your bags and head for Poznan, you’re in the right place. Check out the five reasons to book a flight right now to Poznan.

1. The Architecture Will Melt Your Heart

In virtually every turn, you’ll find insanely beautiful architecture that will take your breath away. The city itself is filled with gorgeous buildings. If you love beautiful architecture, then make sure you visit the Old Town, where you’ll find one of Europe’s most beautiful squares, Old Market Square

You’ll not be disappointed at the sight of it. Stunning merchant buildings, a town hall, art houses, and lovely fountain statues erected on every corner, the Old Town is worth your valuable time. 

Apart from the Old Town, which will leave you breathless, other parts of the city also have the charming architecture to explore. Many buildings underwent renovation after the Second World War, but the old charm and architecture style was maintained. So if you enjoy taking a stroll through lovely streets and taking pictures of exceptional sites, Poznan will never disappoint. 

Poznan Poland

2. The Green Spaces Will Put A Smile On Your Face

If you enjoy spending time with Mother Nature, Poznan is the place to be. While the feeling may likely not be the same as that of a national park or a nature reserve, gardens, and green spaces can give you the perfect scenery you seek after exploring the top sites in the city. 

Green spaces in Poznan take up 25% of the city’s landmass. If you have more time on your sleeves, you can visit as many parks and gardens as possible. The parks are just great for relaxing, walking and even cycling. 

One of the top parks in the city is Cytadela Park. Cycling or taking a stroll around the park is easy and convenient. Here, you’ll find everything, including statues, military museums, war memorials, paved trails, gardens, statues, and eating establishments. 

So if you’re looking for a destination that offers complete relaxation and serenity, Poznan fits the description. 

Poznan Poland

3. Caters to All Budgets

Traveling to any destination in Europe doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are lots of destinations that you can go for sightseeing without breaking the bank. From accommodation to attractions to food, Poznan caters to all types of travelers regardless of budget.

 It is by far more budget-friendly than other European cities. Enjoy quieter, and budget-friendly lodging right in the heart of the town. On average, you’ll pay $35 per night for an apartment. When it comes to food, a cup of coffee served alongside dessert or sandwich costs $7 on average. 

Poznan can be an exciting place to be, particularly when it comes to tours, attractions, and activities. Many of the sites in the city can be explored for free. The entrance fee for museums does not exceed $4. Budget travelers will find Poznan relaxing and accommodating. 

Poznan Poland

4. Vibrant Nightlife

The nightlife in Poznan is energetic. The streets of Poznan sleep during the day and come alive in the night. At night, the streets are filled with university students and revelers hopping from one happening spot to another. 

All pubs, bars, and clubs get crammed with people. In many cases, the party spills on to the streets. One of the hippest spots to enjoy the great nightlife in Poznan is Wroclawska Street. Visit one of the many bars or clubs to listen and dance to lovely music. 

Want to put your singing skills to test? Try karaoke. Wroclawska Street is the place to be if you’re looking for the party scene. A stroll around Poznan’s liveliest neighborhood at night leaves you with unforgettable experiences. 

Poznan Nightlife

5. Trendy Foodie Scene

Do you love great tasting food? Polish cuisine is hearty, tasty, and delicious. Your trip to Poznan will be incomplete without having a taste of pierogi (Polish dumplings), a favorite amongst locals and tourists alike. 

Other food options include potato pancakes, soups, and stews. With lots of incredible food options, Polish cuisine will satisfy your taste bud. More so, the city is filled with all kinds of restaurants serving local and international dishes. 

Doughnut shops are also everywhere. The attractive window display of doughnuts is just enough to entice you. Indulge in the sweet side of Poznan with its range of food options. 

Pierogi Poland


Poznan is not so popular amongst tourists, so it’s easy to think that the best things to see and do here are to explore the old town and marvel at the colorful architecture. But there’s more to this city than meets the eye. Beyond the reasons listed above, Poznan is home to plenty of lots of beautiful attractions. 

Spending a couple of hours or one day in Poznan is too short to get the most out of your trip. A city is indeed an excellent option for a perfect weekend getaway. You’ll need at least two days to experience Poznan without rushing things. The city boasts many of the same qualities that make Poland a top tourist destination to visit. Now your turn!

Where to Stay?

Budget: Blooms Boutique Hostel– Located in Poznań’s center, only 200 yards from Stary Browar shopping and art center, 700 yards from the Old Market. Blooms Boutique Hostel offers accommodation with free wi-fi, private monitored parking (available at a surcharge). Overall excellent place to stay with lots of supermarkets around, tourist points, restaurants, and leisure activities.

Mid-range: City Solei Boutique Hotel-located, only a 5-minute walk from the Old Market Square hotel, offers air-conditioned rooms with free wi-fi, restaurant with buffet, and taxi rank outside the hotel. This is a unique hotel, but the best is to experience it by yourself.

Luxury: City Park Hotel & Residence– Hotel is located 1.9 min from the Old Town Square and about 1.2 miles from Stary Browar Shopping and Art Center. The hotel offers access to the wellness area, the restaurant, and the bar with 700 types of Whiskey, as well as free wi-fi. Very modern look but comfortable too. Attractive drinking and dining options with several restaurants in the complex and bar with a microbrewery. A charming place to stay.


  • Benny

    Hello, I must commend your effort in creating such am awesome article and sharing it to benefit others and enlighten many. I love all your article on Poland. It is indeed a place filled with many areas for tourist attraction and the culture, also the tradition is awesome. I love the fact that Poznan is a place that conserves budget

  • Michel

    Poznan is somewhere that I haven’t heard of in Poland, and I wonder why as it looks like a wonderful place to visit. The architecture is striking and anyone studying this subject should definitely make a plan to see the town.

    I would certainly make a visit to Cytadela Park, as just within the park are amazing places to visit like museums, memorials, and even statues. Also, I have always wanted to try a potato pancake.

    Reading this article really makes me wonder why Poznan is not popular with tourists?

    • Bartosz

      Probably because tourist usually on their bucket list put Krakow or Warsaw. The capital of Greater Poland is not only one of the oldest Polish cities offering numerous monuments and tourist attractions, but also the oldest and also the largest market center.It is worth adding that in the Polish edition of the National Geographic travel magazine ranking – Poznań is on the list of 10 most visited cities by tourists from abroad. Is not really that bad as we may think.

  • Samikingss

    I have always loved to visit Poland but I have Warsaw on my mind most of the time but why not, Poznan would be a great place to visit. From your detailed perspective on the information about this city, I can tell it’s definitely on Munro do list effective immediately. I would love to go there and experience it first hand. I love to travel and I love to learn from new people and cultures all over the world. Thanks for this insightful and very detailed article. In the not too distant future I bet I will visit Poznan. 

  • Paul

    Hi Bartosz,

    Being a traveler, Poznan is on my list. While doing some research I found your insightful and informative article. Being an engineering student I love beautiful architecture so the first reason itself convinced me.

    While reading your article I felt like I am in Poznan and the images you shared are a treat to my eyes. I love to taste different foods and pierogi is on my list. $35 per night is just amazing and I am surprised to see the low-cost of the entrance fee.

    Blooms Boutique Hostel is the one I prefer. Your article gave me helpful insights and for sure it’s going to save many people’s time and money. I am bookmarking your article for future reference.

  • Stephen Thiam

    Poland has so many beautiful places that appeared on your website. You have done a great job to compile in a very organized layout. Very informative and attractive to readers. I really enjoy knowing Poland is such a pretty country. People life looks relax and happy. Everywhere looks clean and nice. What should I rate your website? Can 100 points show the actual value of what you have done? Good effort and Great job. Cheer.

  • Feji ben

    As one of Poland’s oldest cities, there is plenty for tourists to discover here, from the ancient to the modern. With a lot of students, Poznan is also a university town. This means it not only has all the academic and cultural institutions that come along with a university but plenty of bars and clubs to keep everyone entertained.i agree it one of the best places to visit

  • Dave Hayes

    This website definitely caught me eye, as I have taken a keen interest in Poland since learning Polish around 13 years ago, for a job I was doing.

    Up til then the only thing I knew about Poland was that it was probably very cold, however, having read your website, then quite the opposite appears to be the case, as there are some nice places to visit, some very scenic as well.

    Reading it, its not clear if these are places you have visited on your travels or not, I’d be interested to know if they are

    Out of Interest are you a travel writer, because the descriptions of the places, seem to come from a writers angle, very specific and of interest.

    I enjoyed reading this.

    • Bartosz

      There is a lot of places you could visit, Summer is great time for your holiday, some places might be crowded but Poznan is not on that list. I have visited many places in Poland, including Poznan. Am I travel writer? It is hard to say, traveling is my passion, I like to share my experiences and knowledge I gained with others to help them enjoy every minute of their stay wherever they go in Poland.

  • Tasmia Ferdous

    I really appreciate this article. Thank you so much for sharing this great article with us. I went to Poland and stayed in Poznan. Really I fell in love with Poznan, the green spaces in Poznan attracted me a lot. I was very depressed because I was one but the hippest spot to enjoy a great nightlife in Poznan was on my mind after moving to Wroclawska Street. I stayed at Blooms Boutique Hostel, I love their service.
    I will going to go out with my friends at Poznan, of course.
    I will share this article on social media. I hope those who don’t know about email marketing will benefit.

  • BlueMoon UniqueFashion

    I have never been to Poland, although I have visited many countries of Central and Eastern Europe: Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Serbia, … I have heard many beautiful stories about Poznan and Poland, which your post confirms. These five reasons are enough for me to put Poznan on my travel map.

  • alam jahangir


    You write about 5 Reasons To Visit Poznan. This is an interesting amazing article. When I finished reading the article I just said great. What a beautiful space. I must go 1 time in my life. They have all kinds of facilities. Say about The Green Spaces  , just wow. And what a nice Architecture. Caters to All Budgets Unapproachable beautiful. Thank you so much for a wonderful article.

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