Top Things To Do in Lodz

Lodz, Poland’s third largest city after Warsaw and Krakow, is fast becoming one of Europe’s best budget destinations. The city has gained world prominence for its National Film School where Roman Polanski and Andrzej Wajda mastered their skills. Now a monument, the Radegast train station is where thousands of people departed for the infamous Auschwitz.

Often overlooked by Poland visitors, the city boasts many fascinating and beautiful things to see and do. No matter your travel preference, budget, or lifestyle, Lodz has something for you. These are some of the Top things to do in Lodz:

1. Manufaktura

If you love shopping and would like to explore a bit of history, Manufaktura – a mall and leisure complex – is the place for you. Opened in 2006, this complex is Poland’s largest urban generation scheme.

Check out the shopping center located at the former 19th-century industrial estate owned by Izrael Poznanski. Here, you’ll find over 200 stores and boutiques selling beautiful items.

Also, the complex is home to lots of dining establishments, a cinema, gym, pubs, and a bowling alley, just to mention a few.

Another interesting sight to see here is the Museum of the Factory, where you can learn more about the rich history of Lodz textile industry. Basically, you won’t be disappointed visiting Manufactura.

Lodz Manufaktura

Michal Ozieblo Wikimedia Commons

2. Piotrkowska Street

Spanning 4.2 km, Piotrkowska Street is the longest commercial street in Poland. Along the streets you can find the city’s best restaurants, bars, cafes, designer shops and anything else in-between.

This street also houses Lodz Museum of Textile Industry – the oldest and largest museum in Central Europe. Plus, you’ll find several statues of popular personalities in Lodz, including those of Arthur Rubenstein, a Polish-American classical pianist, and Julian Tuwim, a poet.

The street is also lined with lovely Art Nouveau building, taking you back in time to the city’s prosperous era. To explore Piotrkowska Street and admire the views of its stunning architectural buildings, hire a cycle rickshaw. Alternatively, you can explore the street on foot. As you walk along the street, always remember to look up, because that’s where most of the beauty lies. A vast majority of the buildings on the street are so pretty to look at.

Lodz Piotrkowska

MAx 92 Wikimedia Commons

3. Radegast Train Station

Radegast Station is a small, old train station turned museum in 2005. The museum holds details of the horrors of the Second World War. This is the spot where thousands of Jews bordered on trains that ferried them to Auschwitz and Chelmno extermination camps.

At the site are wooden train carriages and large slab-like gravestones with destinations like Auschwitz-Birkenau boldly written on it.

Radegast lodz

Jakub Zasina Wikimedia Commons

4. Museum Sztuki MS2

Sited close to Manufacktura, MS2 is a modern art gallery filled with contemporary artworks from different parts of the world. Also, the museum features works that display the trendier side of the city.

Arranged on the 3 floors of the museum are exhibitions that will wow you. Top on the list of the over 400 artworks featured here includes Pablo Picasso, Tamas Kaszas, and Paul Klee. There’s a small café on the first floor where you can relax and fill up. Exhibitions displayed here compete favorably with many found in top museums across Europe.

Ms2 Lodz

Pelikan 13 Wikimedia Commons

5. Izrael Poznanski Palace

This magnificence residence of the industrialist Izrael Poznanski is of the most significant monuments in Poland. Poznanski was once the richest man in Poland. He built his wealth as a textile magnate.

In the 19th century, the price of cotton skyrocketed from where he acquired so much wealth. So what did he do with all the money? He built himself this enormous palace.

No other building in the city can compare to its beauty, grandeur, and elegance. It’s L-shaped design, and the interior decoration will leave you stunned.

Today, the City Museum is housed in the palace. The museum features exhibits on famous residents, including resistance fighter Jan Karski and Arthur Rubinstein. Make sure you visit to admire the Art Nouveau interior and Poznanski’s private study.

Poznanski Palace Lodz

Lestat Jan Mehlich Wikimedia Commons

6. EC1 Planetarium

EC1 is a futuristic complex home to the EC1 Planetarium and the Centre for Science & Technology. The planetarium opened its door to the public in 2016. The huge spherical 8k resolution screen inside the EC1 Planetarium displays short films about stars and cosmos. Though the program is originally shown in Polish language, there’s an English headset for every visitor.

The planetarium also hosts fairy tales and music shows. Don’t miss a chance to explore one of the most advanced digital planetariums on the continent.

EC1 lodz

7. Jewish Cemetery

Originally built as a burial ground for people who passed on during the Cholera epidemic in 1892, the Jewish Cemetery is the largest in Europe. It has about 180,000 graves and 65,000 tombs.

The cemetery takes you on a roller coaster ride through the happenings in the few decades of the 20th century. Here you’ll find a lavish monument for renowned figures such as Izrael Poznaski. On his grave, you’ll find perhaps the world’s biggest mausoleum dedicated to a Jewish individual. It also prides itself on being the only one adorned with a mosaic.

Head south of the cemetery, and you’ll find mass graves for 45,000 Jews who died in the Lodz Ghetto between 1940 – 1944.

Cementery Jewish lodz

Tomasz Jurek Wikimedia Commons

8. Botanical Garden

Built in the 1930s, the Botanical Garden wasn’t opened until the end of WWII. Located approximately 10 minutes from the city center, the 67-hectare botanical garden has over 3,500 plant species, set in nine different thematic areas for you to explore. This site hosts botanical shows all year round.

There’s an 18-hectare arboretum and beds with plants such as horsetail, and primrose. These plants contain properties that benefit human health. Other areas to explore include the Japanese garden, the Palm House, the Alpinarium, and rock garden. It contains large spacious area to take a stroll. Take the chance to see and explore this lovely site.
Botanical Garden Lodz


Zorro 2212 Wikimedia Commons

With some of the finest attractions in Poland, Lodz is fast becoming a popular tourist destination. These attractions are not to be missed when vacationing in Lodz. And because the city attracts more business than leisure travelers, the price of flights and accommodation in the city are cheaper, especially at weekends.

Bartosz is a travel writer, photographer & founder/editor of theuniquepoland who tells stories of adventure, history and current affairs. He writes mainly about travel, with special focus on Poland. He loves travelling, discover new unknown and inspire others.


  • Nate Stone

    Hey Bartosz,

    I’m actually considering Poland four a couple of different holidays, with the other being Krakow (for a stag do). Lodz has appealed mainly due to the Botanical gardens, my girlfriend is massive fan of them and we’ve visited multiple across Europe. 

    It will only be for a long weekend, I think between the botanical gardens, EC1 (sounds amazing) & some shopping, the time should fly by! Are there any hotels that you can recommend in the city centre?

    • Bartosz

      Hi Nate,
      I’m really glad you wanna visit Lodz for the weekend. This is a great choice and you will not be bored there. Personally, I like this hotel Cinema Residence which is a 19th century property with décor inspired by famous Polish films. Hope you will enjoy your stay.

  • Gomer

    I think this should be on everybody’s “to visit” list, it may be far from sunny beaches but the number of historical and educational spots is overwhelming. I have a friend from the Philippines who visited Poland although she didn’t mention the specific city she visited but she told stories of how beautiful the country is. She even mentioned that at 10:00 PM the sun is still visible! Maybe the next time we meet, I’d ask her if she ever happened to visit the city of Lodz. 

    Among the Top 8 Things To Do in Lodz listed here in this article, the one that really got my interest is the Radegast Train Station. I read a lot about World War II and felt sorry to what happened to the Jews. Visiting that place would remind us that some time in the history of this world, some were misled by a dictator to do the most abominable thing man can do. But anyway, maybe it will be just a good “stop over” for a good Poland trip. As I can see in the list, there are other nice places to visit in Lodz. 

  • Rodarrick

    There are some awesome sites to behold here on the Lodz and I have discovered so much more on Poland while searching through your site than I have known for more than anytime soon. This is awesome and Lodz, though having a bigger population too, this are great sits and worthy of the read for me. Thumbs up for sharing

  • Isaac

    I wouldn’t know what to do here from the museum to the planetarium–they all sound so cool! I guess you could say there’s lodz of things to do here (maybe even too much). Piotrkowska Street seems like the most cultural especially since it’s just a street. In the picture of Piotrkowska Street, it doesn’t look like it’s that busy. Do you know if it’s usually like that?

    • admin

      Hi Isaac,
      Usually is very busy, Piotrkowska is the longest commercial street in the country, cultural heart of the city, a favourite meeting place for the residents of Łódź and tourists. Lodz definitely has something for you.

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