A Traveler’s Guide to the Hel Peninsula in Poland

The Hel Peninsula, located in the north of Poland is one of the most picturesque and unspoilt parts of the Baltic Coast. Lovely beaches, the water surrounding the peninsula on three sides, a pretty resorts and charming Kashubian villages make the Hel Peninsula the perfect holiday setting.

Hel Peninsula Facts

The Hel Peninsula begins in the vicinity of the village of Władysławowo, its width is approximately 300 meters, extending all the way to the town of Hel, which owes its name.

In Hel’s vicinity, the width of the penisula is about 3 kilometers, but in the narrowest point, the Hel Peninsula is only 150 m. You will find here beautiful and charming holiday resorts, such as Wladyslawowo, Kuznica, Jastarnia, Jurata, and Hel.

Hel Peninsula has an excellent transport connection with the rest of the coast, and railway tracks run along the Penisula length from Wladyslawowo to Hel. You can also get to Hel by a water tram from one of the so-called Tri-City towns: Gdynia, Gdańsk, or Sopot.

During your stay, you can enjoy the beautiful, clean beaches by the sea or the shores on the Bay of Puck, which offers many opportunities for leisure and it’s the allure of the sea you want, the campsite is a haven for water sports enthusiasts and sun-seekers. From sailing and windsurfing, there are plenty of sports to try.

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Extraordinary History and Culture

The very foundation of Hel brings with its many puzzles and exciting stories, and even legends. History has left many traces, made available today in the form of a military trial. The peninsula is still a combination of amazing Kashubian and fishing culture.

The inhabitants of Hel are primarily Kashubians, actively cultivating tradition and history. At the beginning of the 20th century, the Hel Peninsula was visited by summer tourists who, enchanted by the Kashubian community, the unique beauty of nature and the proximity of the shores, settled here permanently.

The legends say that many passing ships were carrying large amounts of gold and unfortunately sunk in the sea depths. The sunken ships settled at the bottom of the Bay of Puck, becoming an attraction for archaeologists and treasure hunters.

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Towns of the Hel Peninsula

Little coastal towns of Hel Peninsula are known for their charm, beautiful sand beaches, and free-pollution air. Perfect for those seeking a casually elegant experience, the picturesque towns are filled with historic sights, museums, antique shops, and phenomenal seafood restaurants.


Hel Poland

Bartłomiej Bulicz Wikimedia Commons

Perched on the very end of the Hel Peninsula, the small town of Hel offers typical seaside recreation with its sandy beach, traditional pier, and stunning cycle paths. You can relax on lovely beaches, in the apartment, or do some of the water sports organized in this charming tourist destination.

You can also pop-in to the Fisheries Museum, which is undoubtedly a special place located in the post-evangelical church of Saints Peter and Paul. It is a perfect place for all those who want to learn a bit of history related to the development of fishing.

Speaking about museums, you should direct your steps to the Coastal Defense Museum. This place is an exhibition of a vast military collection, which is closely related to the history of the country. It can be safely said that it is one of Poland’s most famous museums.

Another great attraction of Hel maybe a trip to the seal sanctuary, where, apart from admiring seals from behind the glass, you can learn a lot about the life of these beautiful animals and realize how dangerous their existence is due to anthropogenic activity.

On the hill in forest stands a stunning, octagonal brick lighthouse on a square base. If you are in shape and climb hundreds of steps, go for it because once you get to the top, the view of the peninsula is unbelievable.

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Jastarnia, Jurata and Kuznica

Jastarnia Poland

Adam Ziaja Wikimedia Commons

While Hel combines a bit of a fishing village atmosphere, Jastarnia crushes in terms of the youth atmosphere. People here wear fashionable brands straight from showrooms and chill in stylish pubs.

You will find here wide clean beaches, spectacular dunes, a railway line, and cycling paths. This quaint resort attracts a huge number of celebrity characters on an annual basis. While taking a break here, you should head to one of the cozy restaurants, nearby pubs and taverns to try local specialties.

Don’t miss a 120m long pier and take a stroll along to admire views of the Puck Bay. For those who already have water madness experience, the local centers offer water equipment rentals, from kayaks to jet skis.

In the summer season plane, lovers can admire an unusual air-shows. Worth seeing as well are bunkers open to the public, which were Resistance center during WW II.

If you want to feel the atmosphere of old fishing villages, consider a trip to Kuźnica! This beautiful seaside resort is a part of Jastarnia. Its name derives from the German “kusfeld,” which means nothing less than a “kiss place.” Kuznica is indeed a place of a symbolic kiss between the sea and the land. Together with Jurata and Jastarnia, Kuźnica forms the so-called “little Tricity.” Here you can admire authentic fishermen’s houses from the 19th century, two marinas, or the almost 100-year-old church of St. Antoni.

If you fancy a more luxurious resort, Jurata is a place to be. Walks along the local beach offer sweeping views, and the air is extremely clean. Jurata is not, as many believe, a separate town, but a part of the city of Jastarnia. It was founded in 1928 and immediately became a luxury summer resort among Polish elites.

It was considered the most modern Polish resort and even called the “Polish Palm Beach.” Guesthouses and holiday homes were popping up here like mushrooms; many of them have survived to this day. You can find here not very wide but intimate beach perfect for relaxes hidden among lush vegetation.

Couples in love will find this place very romantic. Walks along the seashore and the local forests will surely be remembered for a long time.

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Chalupy Poland

It is a small Kashubian village with access to the sea from the north and the shallow Puck Bay from the south. The town is trendy among amateurs of water sports because it offers perfect conditions, especially for windsurfing and kitesurfing.

You can rent here water equipment, bicycles and try a tasty smoked fish. This charming village is famous for the first in the country naturist beach and has become a mecca for tourists.

The only drawback of the town is the difficulty of parting with it after the end of the holiday, which accompanies everything beautiful. Chałupy always welcomes tourists with open arms.

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Wladyslawowo Poland

Władysławowo is a place you love or… honestly hate. However, you find tourists who flock to this resort regularly. Fans of the town find here a multitude of attractions and a vibrant atmosphere. Those who appreciate the beauty of the long and wide beach or the contemplation of nature may feel overwhelmed by the momentum with which Władysławowo welcomes its guests in the summer.

Located at the foot of the Hel Peninsula (48 km from the Tri-City and less than 30 km from Jurata and Jastarnia), Wladyslawowo attracts crowds of tourists annually. The town boasts the widest beaches on the Polish coast, the highest water temperatures, and the largest fishing port in Poland.

The port mentioned above is one of the most important fishing ports on the Baltic Sea and most instagrammable place in Wladyslawowo.

You should pop-in to Fisherman’s house and climb up an observation tower. The observation deck, located on the 9th floor, allows you to admire the beautiful panorama of the city and entire Hel Penisula along with the Baltic coast. Don’t miss here Butterfly Museum on the 3rd floor and an exhibition Magical Head’s Spinning on the 5th floor, which guarantees unusual entertainment.

Families with children should visit Sowinski Lunapark, a great source of fan and even sometimes a moment of fear. The vibrant entertainment offer includes extreme attractions for adults and safe carousels for the little ones.

When it comes to beaches, I strongly advise avoiding overcrowded main beach Wladyslawowska; instead, you should choose the beaches from the side of Chałupy village. After a short stroll along the beach, you will enjoy the silence and maritime climate away from the crowds.

If you sports fan, you should head to Poland’s first avenue devoted to Polish and foreign athletes. In 2014, the “Crown of the Himalayas” monument was erected at the end of the avenue. The rock plates symbolize the eight-thousanders that Poles conquered!

Wladyslawowo is a safe, friendly, and vibrant place perfect for lovers of entertainment.

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Ready to plan a trip to one of Poland’s best seaside towns? Whichever destination you choose, I’m confident that you and your family will enjoy an unforgettable holiday experience!

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  • Simone Salandini

    Loved your travel guide.
    We are planning a 10 days trip to Poland arriving in Gdnask; we would like to see Trójmiatro e spend few days at Hel Peninsula. Which beach do you recommend?
    We love it quiet.
    Then we going to the south to meet a local friend to show as the mountains, etc… she’s between Krakow and Katowice town.
    It’s our first time in Poland and looking forward to get to known your beautiful country.

    • Bartosz

      Hi Simone,
      If you love quiet Bialogora or Piaski are great beaches. However these are not based on Hel Peninsula. Hel’s beaches like Jastrania and Jurata are quite nice. Hope I could help.
      Have a great time.

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