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  • Christmas in Poland

    The Best Christmas Traditions in Poland

    Christmas is a magical and important holiday in Poland when families across the country decorate Christmas trees, ornaments appear in the main town’s squares, and the Christmas atmosphere can be felt almost everywhere. The Christmas season officially starts on December 6 when well-behaved kids receive gifts from Saint Nicholas. From this day on up to December 24, the whole country plunges into pre-Christmas madness. Would you like to experience Christmas like a Pole? Let’s dive into the most popular traditions in Poland. Christmas Eve Poles’ most significant and cherished day is Christmas Eve, when families gather together at home to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Christmas Eve dinner begins with the appearance of…

  • Polish Vodka Museum
    Travel Poland

    Polish Vodka Museum | Warsaw

    Poland is known for many things, but one thing that you may likely not think of when planning a trip to this beautiful country is museums. The country has many strange and exciting museums worth your time. The odds are high that you’ve been to a number of museums across the world. Some museums offer visitors an experience like no other, and Warsaw Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw is one of them.  Famous across Europe and beyond, the Polish Vodka Museum in Warsaw attracts visitors from different parts of the world.  A museum close to the hearts of many Poles and devoted to the history of Polish vodka, the Warsaw…

  • Wroclaw Nightlife Guide
    Travel Poland

    Wroclaw Nightlife Guide | Best Bars & Clubs in The City

    Wroclaw, or WrocLOVE as some refer to it, is a city of magnificent architecture and a wonderful, welcoming atmosphere, but to get the full flavour of this city, you must indulge in the Wroclaw nightlife. Probably, you haven’t heard of Wroclaw if you are someone who doesn’t travel frequently.  Perhaps, since it is a lesser-known location, only a small number of repeated travelers have had the opportunity to visit it. Wroclaw is a wonderful city that is guaranteed to please visitors of all ages and backgrounds. The city has a lot to offer and is a great location to visit for a quick weekend getaway, especially if you are someone…

  • Croissant Museum Poznan

    St Martin Croissant Museum – Poznan, Poland

    The City of Poznan combines an energetic atmosphere, unique culture with incredible legends, a laid-back vibe, modern architecture, and undoubtedly delicious culinary treasure. Have you ever heard of the St Martin’s Croissant? Poznan’s sweet trademark has been with its residents since the 19th century and has become an integral part of the city’s history. If you are a pastries lover, make sure to visit Poznan’s Croissant Museum and get to know everything about this famed sweet treasure. The Poznań Croissant Museum brings you closer to slices of Poznań traditions in the form of friendly, free live shows. So it’s a rather odd museum, where owners play leading roles by telling…

  • Checiny castle Poland
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    Royal Castle in Checiny, Poland

    It’s not a secret that Poland has countless magnificent castles and palaces. Though some of them are not in the best shape due to a lack of investments, they still deserve attention. From the largest Malbork castle in the world, fairytale palace in Moszna, to beautifully towering on hills castle in Checiny, Poland has it all. Ready for the journey back in time? When mad kings and capricious monarchs sat on the thrones surrounded by mighty castle walls. Then keep on reading to discover what Checiny castle has to offer. This castle is unique in many ways, and if you choose to drive a car on route number 7 connecting…

  • paradise cave poland
    Travel Poland

    Paradise Cave in Poland – One of The Most Beautiful in The World

    What is a paradise? Is it a beautiful pleasant, and peaceful place that seems to be flawless? And what does a cave have to do with paradise? Long story short, a group of students from Krakow in 1964 undertook an expedition in the Holy Cross mountains. Wandering in the heights, they discovered a cave, so beautiful and unique like nowhere else. They described that place as a paradise, heaven, and this is the cave’s name to this day. Location Paradise cave is located in the town of Checiny on the slope of Mount Malik. The pavilion, which is the entrance to the cave, can be found approx—10 km southeast of…

  • Etnographic Park Tokarnia in Poland
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    Etnographic Park in Tokarnia, Poland

    Have you ever wanted to go back in time? If so, head over to an open-air museum in small village Tokarnia to feel the atmosphere from hundreds of years ago and see how the Polish countryside used to look like. The charming village is one of the most beautiful journeys to the past you could ever go. Imagine a world with no paved sidewalks, huge open space, and typical countryside tranquility. Ready to explore? Then keep on reading. What to see there? photo credit: What strikes the most are solid old houses that appear to be abandoned and calmly waiting for their owners. While wandering along the paths between the…

  • Warsaw Mermaid
    Travel Poland

    Mermaid of Warsaw

    Krakow has a fire-breathing dragon, Gdansk has a Neptune-the god of freshwater and sea, but what does Warsaw have? The capital of Poland does not stay behind, having its own unique symbol- a mermaid. Being in Warsaw, it’s impossible not to stumble upon Syrenka – enchanting guardian of the city, with a captivating story. There are numerous eye-catching statues of mermaid dotted around the city, reflecting the artists’ inspiration. Warsawians often claim that capital without a mermaid would not be the same, that its identity and uniqueness would be lost. Why is the story of the mermaid so fascinating? What’s behind all that legend? Legend of Syrenka There are numerous…

  • Travel Health & Safety Tips

    Getting Around Poland: Transportation Tips

    Whether you come to Poland for a holiday, business trip, visit members of your family or catch up with friends sooner or later, you’ll have to rely on various forms of transport. Poland has a well-developed transportation system; therefore, moving around the country is pretty straightforward. However, if you’re a visiting country for the first time, it might be challenging to navigate and pick your favorite way of travel. To help you make the most of your Poland trip, we listed down the best travel hints and tricks. Air Poland has 12 main regional airports offering domestic and international connections. Planes are the fastest and safest means of transport, perfect for…