Warsaw Nightlife: Best Bars & Clubs

A perfect escape point can take away all the stress and keep you rejuvenated for the next day’s activities. Warsaw is unarguably one of the most fun-filled Polish cities, with a multitude of bars and clubs. The city’s nightlife implodes with loads of fun and exuberance. It is the party district for all revelers of all kinds. 

In recent years, the city has seen an explosion in the rising number of bars and clubs. These nightlife spots are top places where you can meet people, party, dance, and socialize. In every corner lies a vibrant spot for socializing as they present the right atmosphere to either drink or buggy down. 

No matter where you are in Warsaw, you are never far away from a frenzy bar or decent nightclub. With the day getting darker, entertainment freaks gear up to go hopping from one hangout spot to another. Best of all is that most bars and nightclubs in Warsaw stay open till the early hours of the day. Be prepared to see lots of beautiful young women with men nicely dressed in classy outfits. 

These spots also play host to some of the bests DJs in the city. Many travelers go for a pub crawl to explore the best bars and clubs in the city. Either you opt for a tour or hang out on your own, one thing is sure, you will have a great time. Hopefully, the night won’t be too short.

Bars in Warsaw

Locals in Poland love to socialize and hang out over a drink or two, so finding a perfect place to enjoy a few booze in the country’s capital city doesn’t have to be difficult. But choosing the best one can be a bit harder. Here are the best bars in Warsaw to consider

1. Plan B

Plan B Warsaw Pub

Plan B has been a great hangout spot for entertainment freaks. Located in the heart of the city, Plan B features a studenty atmosphere. It’s not just about the drinks. This nightlife spot organizes concerts and DJ nights on a regular basis. You are free to get drunk; it is the way of life at Plan B. The bar opens till late in the night and serves delectable meals even after midnight. 

Visit in summer to enjoy the outdoor drinking area overlooking Plac Zbawiciela, the spectacular square that was the setting for Krzysztof Krauze’s 2006 movie. Stay connected to loved ones at home using free Wi-Fi. 

2. Podwale Bar and Books

Bar and Books Warsaw

If smoking a cigarette or vaping while sipping on a glass of wine or a cocktail in a vibrant environment is your thing, then Podwale Bar and Books is the place to be. Located close to the Old Town walls, this New York-style cigar bar is redefining the concept of hospitality. 

In addition to creating a relaxed atmosphere, the bar offers a wide range of spirits ranging from classic cocktails and whiskies to fine wines and vintage ports. Customer service is top-notch. The Interior features dim lighting and dark wood furnishings, the Bar and Books keep guests entertained with its live music and burlesque shows. Whatever the case, do not miss the cocktails for any reason. 

3. Same Krafty

Same Krafty Warsaw

If you love craft beer and in Warsaw, there is no better place to enjoy an extensive range of craft beers. It has gained a reputation for offering the largest variety of craft beer in the city. You can even take a sample of the beers on the menu. All you need do is to ask and the friendly staff will be happy to oblige. 

Located in the Old Town near the Barbican, Same Krafty is loved by every beer-loving tourists. Bartenders are friendly and highly knowledgeable. Besides, they serve tasty slices of pizzas and a variety of local cuisine in case you would like to satisfy your taste bud. It is indeed an unmissable spot to sample the best of polish craft beers. 

4. Aura Bar

Aura Bar Warsaw

Despite its small size, locals don’t mind squeezing to fit into the tiny space at Aura Bar? So why the hype? Featuring a rather relaxed Moroccan interior design, Aura Bar prides itself on being the first bourbon bar in Warsaw

Owned by people who are passionate and knowledgeable about American whiskey, the bar features a huge selection of quality spirit and bourbon. It is a unique place on the cocktail map located in a beautiful tenement house on Hoza Street. The selection of alcohol here will please every beer lover. This is a local cocktail bar where guests not only feel at home but also enjoy a whole new flavor sensation. 

5. The Alchemist Gastro Pub

The Alchemist GastroPub warsaw

The Alchemist Gastro Pub is unlike any other bar in the heart of the city. Featuring a friendly customer service, this trendy pub is located between Pilsudkiego square and the Great Theatre. It has proximity to lots of party hangout spots hence a perfect spot to start the evening. 

Discover a wide selection of drinks including wine, beers, spirits, and cocktails. One of its unique features is the only Pour Your Own Beer Wall in Europe, which works like a self-service beer on tap. You should try it out. The bar offers great value for money. Really good polish craft beer varieties to choose from. 

Clubs in Warsaw

Warsaw is home to an extensive selection of nightclubs, ranging from sedate to sinful. If you go clubbing in Warsaw, then be prepared to spend the night out. The parties never stop till the sun comes up. Check out the best nightclubs in the city. 

1. Level 27 Bar and Club

Level 27 warsaw

Level 27 is a stylish and exclusive club designed to make guests go wild on the dance floor. Its location on the 27th floor in the city center earns it a top spot for catching stunning views of the city’s skyline. The views from this spot are just spectacular. Anyone with vertigo shouldn’t venture coming here. It is unlike your regular basement or groundfloor night clubs. 

The club hosts weekly events and experiences that will linger in your memory for longer. Friday nights are for Hip Hop while Saturdays entertain House music. The dance floor is always jam-packed, so be sure to come early. If you plan to stay till the early hours of the day, you can watch the sunrise. Party at the highest level when you go to Level 27 Bar and Club. 

2. Klubo

Klubo Warsaw

Have you been wondering what a real club scene in Warsaw looks like? Then head to Klubo. It is only open on fir day and Saturday nights so be prepared to deal with the crowd. They have some of the best DJs in the house that can keep everyone dancing non-stop on the dance floor with their range of music genres. The interior features retro lamps and sofas. 

This basement club is one of the most popular and oldest clubs in the city. Getting to the club is easy thanks in part to its centralized location in the heart of the city. Thrilling fun, banging music, a wide variety of booze, and parties till dawn all make Klubo the place to be for Warsaw nightlife fun. 

3. Luzztro the Home Club

Luzztro Warsaw

Warsaw boasts a varied nightlife scene. So no matter your preference, Warsaw has got you covered. A crowd’s favorite and gay-friendly club, Luzztro is your sure plug for a night of fun. The best time to experience the clubs at its finest is on weekends. Dark place and nice vibes. This is a place without rules. 

Equally impressive is the fact that you can sample some of the best vodka-based drinks during weekdays here or before the club turns up the heat when it is late. If you are a party animal, Luzztro resounds with great music till the sun hovers up. Live performances by local and international artists keep the atmosphere lively all through the night. You will love it here. 

4. The View

The View Warsaw

This incredible Warsaw nightlife spot earned its name not just by chance. Located on the 32nd floor, The View is a rooftop bar that lives up to its name. You can observe the city’s skyline from the top of the building.  The views from a height of 122 meters will never be forgotten in a rush. 

A great place to hang out and socialize with your new friends at sunset. After that, find your way into the club to shake it all off on the dance floor. Be sure to come prepared and with your dancing shoes. Party hard with the best local and international DJs. Be sure to come early to avoid the long queue. The View is a place to enjoy a perfect blend of drinks, DJs, and stunning views. 

5. 12on14 Jazz Club

Warsaw has a rich tradition of jazz, but sadly it is not evident in the city. This begs the question, where are the jazz bars and clubs? Well, you just found one. 12on14 is one place decorated with quotes from the very best in the world of Jazz. The club opens every day except Sundays and Mondays. 

In the evening, it gets really crowded with locals and tourists who come see top international jazz performers and local performers take to the stage. The club recently celebrated its 150th jazz concert with no sign of slowing down. If you love jazz music, be sure to visit 12on14 Jazz Club. 

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