• Kopice Castle Poland
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    Kopice Castle: A Hidden Gem in Poland

    Palaces and castles both have something in common: they are the stuff of fairy tales connected to a slew of owners from times past. However, Poland is home to lots of these royal buildings, with a vast number in ruins. Once a powerful country in Eastern Europe, the country was shattered brutally by the 17th-century Swedish invasion, and the Second World War devastation caused by the Nazis. All these events led to varying degrees of ancient ruins in the country.  Many of these ruined grand properties are now getting the transformation of their lives. Some are transformed into museums where visitors can not only learn about Polish history but also explore…

  • Lower Silesia Poland
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    Exploring Lower Silesia Province

    Poland welcomes millions of visitors annually but only a few thousands add a visit to Lower Silesia Province into their itinerary. That’s a pity. This region, in the southwestern part of Poland, has plenty of exciting things to see and do. The area has been at the crossroads of European cultures and conflicts for many years. The seat of power in Lower Silesia has changed hands countless times hence it is home to lots of interesting monuments and heritage sites. Skip the more popular Polish tourist destinations such as Krakow and Warsaw and enjoy a trip to the Southern part of the country with loads of hidden gems waiting to…

  • Day Trips From Wroclaw
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    Best Day Trips From Wroclaw

    Wroclaw is one of the best destinations in Poland and will likely steal your heart. But, if you have any more than two days in the town, take the chance to get out of Wroclaw and see more of the Poland.  We listed down 10 best day trips from Wroclaw for you. Giant Mountains & Valley of the Palaces Have you heard about the Valley of Palaces in Poland? I guess no and frankly speaking, I’m not surprised as crowds often overlook this lovely place. The valley, tucked between mountains, seems to be torn from reality and transferred to a fairy tale’s pages.  The scenic route takes you through the…

  • Wojanow Palace in Poland
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    Palace Wojanow in Poland

    Magnificent and majestic, almost fairytale-like Wojanów Palace is located in The Valley of Palaces and Gardens. The area is full of historic parks, medieval castles, and romantic residences surrounded by a unique natural landscape, the perfect place for every tourist.  Palace Wojanów is an incredibly charming place located in the town of Wojanów in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. This extremely luxurious property is found about seven kilometers from the center of Jelenia Góra and around 100 kilometers from Wroclaw. History The earliest historical records of the estate in Wojanów date back to the end of the twelfth century. In 1281, the knight’s fief found here was the property of Eberhard von…

  • Grodziec Castle
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    Grodziec Castle

    Grodziec Castle is a unique fortress located on a basalt, volcanic, steep hill and is one of the biggest attractions of the Lower Silesia. It is a majestic, massive structure, entirely noticeable from afar. Although today the castle has no one to defend against, it is a great place to explore and learn about history. History The castle, in its original form, was built by Bobrzanie, a West Slavic tribe from the Bóbr River. The first mentions date from 1155. At that time, the castle was a wooden stronghold, and a stone one was built during the reign of Henry the Bearded.  Then the castle became the property of the…

  • Klodzko Fortress
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    Klodzko Fortress

    The most valuable achievement of modern defense architecture in Poland today encourages travelers to visit its mystery and vastness. We can see massive bastions and chambers, or walk along the underground pavement. From the top of one of the bastions, we can admire the magnificent view of the city and the entire Kłodzko Valley. History The Kłodzko Fortress is inseparably connected with the history of the city of Kłodzko. Kłodzko Fortress is one of the most significant fortified buildings from the turn of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. This masterpiece of strategy, created by prominent fortifiers, has never been used correctly. The fortress, mentioned in the Kosmas chronicle with the…

  • Lenno Castle in Poland
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    Lenno Castle in Poland

    Lenno Castle is the oldest brick fortress in Lower Silesia and is considered by some researchers as the oldest castle in Poland. The castle was a home of Henry the Bearded and his wife, Duchess Jadwiga, later recognized as a saint – Patron of Silesia. Princes and knights, noble families, and robbers had lived here as well. History As we mentioned, Lenno Castle is the oldest stone castle in Lower Silesia. The first records referring to the existence of the castle date back to the 10th century, and the castle has been expanding regularly over the years. The early stage of expansion was the construction of a Romanesque house and the…

  • Kliczkow Castle in Poland
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    Kliczkow Castle in Poland

    Kliczków Castle is one of the architectural gems in Lower Silesia located around 136 km from Wroclaw. Neo-Renaissance and neo-Gothic buildings around two picturesque courtyards are one of the larger castle complexes in this province. Kliczków castle, with an unusually rich history, also captivates with its condition.  Carefully restored interiors invite to explore. The castle attracts not only tourists and history lovers but also hotel guests – inside you can spend the night with your loved one. History It all began with the prince of Świdnica, Bolek I The Strict, who commissioned the construction of a defensive castle. Interestingly, originally the building was located on an island surrounded by wetlands.…

  • Opole Poland
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    10 Top Things To Do in Opole

    Opole Province is one of Poland’s most beautiful regions. It enchants visitors with its lovely spots include stunning lakes, ancient castles, and crystal clear river waters. Thousands of visitors, including those interested in history and culture, come to explore its historic buildings and monuments. Located just two hours from Krakow, and one hour from Wroclaw Opole is the principal city in the region with some of the finest photographic castles in all of Poland.  This area has plenty of attractions to keep you busy and entertained for at least 48 – 72 hours. Check out the top attractions and things to do in Opole.  1. Gorny Castle Poland has a…

  • Ksiaz Castle In Poland
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    Ksiaz Castle In Poland

    If you are fascinated by WWII secrets, ghosts, and hidden treasure legend, then Ksiaz Castle is the right place to be. Located in Walbrzych, a city in southwestern Poland, Ksiaz Castle is one of the imposing structures in Poland, and breathtaking sight to behold.  Just recently, the area became a hot spot for both local and international visitors, when two explorers announced they had discovered a secret tunnel that house the legendary wartime train laden with lots of treasures. Legend has it that the richness and valuables in the train were the property of the Nazis.  Even without the train stashed with hidden treasures, Walbrzych and the Castle have what…