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Nightlife in Krakow: Best bars and clubs in Krakow

By day, Krakow is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. Enchanted by history it comes with stunningly diverse architecture, medieval castles, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and beyond.

But when the sun goes down, does Krakow disappear? Well, partly yes, because most of the fun just happens to be underground! Nightlife in Krakow is elegant yet crazy and it’s unique and lively more than ever. Let us help you discover some of the best spots to capture the essence of the Krakow’s nightlife to make that morning headache totally worth it. Let’s go! Shall we?

Top 5 Clubs in Krakow

Wild dance floors followed by crazy crowds, intriguing cocktails, and a beat to make your move until the sunrise. If that sounds like you, then check out these Top 5 Clubs in Krakow that will blast the fun through the roof!

Prozak 2.0

One of the oldest underground clubs and a long-time veteran in the bustling nightlife scene, the Prozak 2.0 is up there with the best of them. The club is a maze and a labyrinth of fun and not only attracts producers and DJs from all around the world but is also equipped with three dance floors and four separate bars.

Let’s not forget world-class sound system, high-quality service, and an impressive line-up of DJs, all in a 600-square historic medieval basement with three levels? Count me in!

Prozak 2.0 Krakow


If you’re looking for something glamorous, luxurious and sparkling, then let your inner party animal go and shine in this modern and spacious club. 

Let more than 3,000 LED lights surround you, while you enjoy an elegant setting with comfortable sofas, mezzanines, mirrors, and exclusive dance platforms to let all your worries go away in a fashionable manner.

Shine is located in the Old Town, the location adds another charm to its presence and from carnival parties, robot-shows and many more themed parties, here a diversity never gets boring. Enjoy!

Shine club Krakow


Attracting mostly youthful and energetic crowd, the Frantic club is another piece worth mentioning in our nightlife puzzle. The modern basement not only boasts stylish, trendy and minimalistic décor that you will love but also high-quality perks.

Often visited by DJs it also has regular theme parties every Wednesday till Saturday to mix things up! Add fantastic four bars, excellent service, and air-conditioned rooms and you have a combination that is not going to disappoint.

Frantic club Krakow

Hush Live

If local experience intrigue you and this is your goal even after the sun goes down, then Hush Live might be that place for you! 

Situated right in the center of Krakow, this unique club has something to it, that unique and authentic vibe with original Polish party culture. The music here makes people dance, with heritage and culture while disco polo fills up the speakers.

Urban folk music from the mid-late 1990s will make sure that your late-night stay in beautiful Krakow brings you the experience you were looking for in Poland!

Hush Live Krakow

Lokal Krakow

Combining modernism and history, sitting graciously in the middle of the Old Town, the Lokal Krakow club is a diamond in the rough. From hip-hop and R’n’B to multiple dance floors and bars with relaxed dress code, fun amenities like a jukebox and even pizza. Wait, pizza?Yep.

Lokal Krakow is here to surprise you, entertain you and give a taste of what a different kind of nightclub can look like.

Lokal Krakow Club

Top 5 Bars

According to some urban legends out here, Krakow has the highest density of bars on the planet. And frankly, it just might be true!

For those who enjoy spending the evening the good old way, with a cold one in your hand while surrounded by friends the city has great news. The pub culture here is fantastic and beer choices are almost endless! Here are the top five bars in Krakow.

Club & Bar Crawl is one of the best and most obvious thinks you can do if you want to experience a new place in the proper way.


Old furniture, beer to be loved and the rustic atmosphere of a good old pub. What’s not to love about Alchemia? In this legendary bar, you will find some of the best craft beer Krakow has to offer together with quality food and live unforgettable concerts. All blended up for one very “Kazimierz” experience.

Popular among both locals and tourists, don’t be surprised if you find the place crowded and buzzing at 03:00 AM, because it is that awesome!

Alchemia bar Krakow

Strefa Piwa

Another marvelous place for beer lovers in Krakow. This small but friendly bar, the “Beer Zone” is not only a place to drink but also learn. Engage with staff and learn about the beer, or go on for one big beer journey, with the selection that is simply wild here.

Strefa Piwa is lined up with dozens of taps as well as craft beer bottles. Pick one or taste as much as you can and enjoy a vibrant and chatty venue.

Beer Zone Krakow


Looking for something alternative that stands outside your typical bar image? Here comes the Propaganda!  One of the oldest, characteristic and fun pubs you will find in Krakow, and besides quality beer, it offers a setting that takes you back in time.

It pokes at communism in the best way possible with one elegant parody inside. From slashed portraits and scrappy rustic items to communist wallpapers and radios so old and chunky that it almost makes it seem real that its mid-1900s outside!

Propaganda Krakow

Harris Piano Jazz Bar

Craving for some soulful, sweet and charming Jazz & Blues music to accompany your beer? Head to the Harris Piano Jazz Bar and discover yet another interesting, lively and funky place in Krakow.

Once ranked among the best jazz clubs in Europe, it is also the only one in Poland to host authorial jazz concerts every day!

Harris Piano Jazz Bar is everything you would expect from a bar and more. It has multiple rooms, professional service, a fabulous selection of drinks, soulful vibe and concerts that go beyond classic jazz, with many styles like rock’n’roll, Latin jam, folk and many more chiming in.

Harris Piano Jazz Bar Krakow

Forum Przestrzenie

Last, but not least, we have a trendy and popular Forum Przestrzenie bar, sitting beautifully on the picturesque riverbank. Definitely radiating that hipster feeling, it is a place located in something monstrous, yet tragically beautiful at the same time, the old, abandoned and maligned Soviet-era hotel.

Be it day or night, here a lot of perks are offered for the visitors and quickly Forum Przestrzenie became one of the coolest places to be in.

Starting with stellar food, for both carnivores and omnivores alike, to great outdoor spaces equipped with charming views and beach chairs to lively events, ping-pong tables inside and as always, a beer that never disappoints.

Forum Przestrzenie Krakow

This is Poland after all!

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