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The castle in Moszna is one of the greatest attractions of the Opole region and one of the most impressive castles in Poland. The Moszna castle has 365 rooms, 99 spires and owes its fame to the fairy tale appearance. Moszna is a small village in the Upper Silesia, 22 miles away from the Opole, and 75 miles from the city of Wroclaw.

The name of the object in Moszna creates some controversy. Although we hear Moszna Castle much more often than Moszna Palace, according to the current definitions, we should call it a palace. The castle has a dominant defense function, Moszna Castle served mainly for residential purposes.

The castle in Moszna Poland


The building combines various architectural styles and was built in the mid-seventeenth century. The eclectic block consists of the baroque central part rebuilt after the fire in 1896, the neo-Gothic eastern wing of the castle, and the western wing in the neo-Renaissance style. Interestingly, the youngest part was built especially for the German Emperor Wilhelm II, who visited the property several times.

The pace at which Moszna Castle was built surprised everyone. The building was erected in just three years, which was a fantastic achievement at the time. The castle in Moszna began to grow into myths. It was said that supernatural forces helped the builders. The owner of the castle was even accused of signing the pact with the devil himself.

The building was for many years the seat of the Tiele-Winckler family. The last owners of the castle in Moszna lived here until the war and eventually fled it from the coming Red Army. The castle owes them their current shape and the most legends, including the number of towers.

The castle survived the war without significant damage, but the Soviet troops took all valuables and works of art out of the castle. From 1973 to 2013, a hospital for the mentally ill operated here. Today, Moszna Castle offers accommodation, and tourists have the unique opportunity to spend the night in the castle chambers.


The park surrounding the castle has over 100 hectares and is crossed by magnificent avenues: red oaks, chestnut, and lime trees, which start at the enormous gates. The alleys lead into the world of lush vegetation, the canals on which boats once flowed, and charming bridges over them.

The park, according to designers’ assumptions, has a landscape character. Deprived of strict boundaries, it connects with the surrounding fields, meadows, and forest. It is a real oasis of peace. Some say that the idyllic mood is spoiled by the name “Moszna” itself.

Visiting Castle

You can buy a ticket to the park around the castle or a more expensive interior ticket (guided tours). Castle towers, cellars, and other nooks are also available for visiting. The castle has a SPA with a sauna and gym, as well as a Chamber of Secrets. Family events are also organized here, such as Schools of Magic and Wizardry, Treasure Hunt, Philosopher’s Stone, Green Schools, and Evenings of Fear.

The castle in Moszna opens its doors for tourists all year round, but you certainly can’t miss the azalea festival, which is organized in the spring of each year. Interestingly, this is not only a festival of admirers of azaleas but also connoisseurs of classical music.

This is a unique opportunity to admire the fairy tale castle surrounded by all varieties of flowering azaleas that grow in the castle park but also to listen to the music of Polish and foreign musicians. The concerts take place on the castle terrace and in one of the halls inside. There will also be something for lovers of painting because at the same time you can watch art exhibitions.

The First Music Festival of the Blossoming Azaleas was organized in 1984. For over 30 years, over 200,000 music lovers and several hundred artists from Poland and abroad participated in over 200 concerts. The festival runs from May 1 to May 30, so keep this in mind when planning a visit.

All details about visiting the castle in Moszna can be found on the monument’s website here.

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    Love your photos of Poland, it looks amazing. Me and my boyfriend like to travel to different countries at least once every 2 months, we always talk about visiting Poland and it’s still on our list! A very cheap place to vist too.

    The moszna castle sounds amazing. Never heard of this castle before but your post was very informative. I would love to visit Spring time now to see the asalea festival and I will definately be visiting the moszna castle it really does look like a fairy tale castle.

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