10 Top Things To Do in Opole

Opole Province is one of Poland’s most beautiful regions. It enchants visitors with its lovely spots include stunning lakes, ancient castles, and crystal clear river waters. Thousands of visitors, including those interested in history and culture, come to explore its historic buildings and monuments. Located just two hours from Krakow, and one hour from Wroclaw Opole is the principal city in the region with some of the finest photographic castles in all of Poland. 

This area has plenty of attractions to keep you busy and entertained for at least 48 – 72 hours. Check out the top attractions and things to do in Opole. 

1. Gorny Castle

Poland has a large concentration of beautiful castles. Unfortunately, most of these castles are in shambles, especially after the destruction, invasion, and loitering that took place during the Second World War. 

Beneath the ruins of these historical buildings lies legendary tales about the castle. Take a tour, alongside a local guide, around the castle to learn more about its rich historical past. The charming castle is well worth a visit. 

Gorny Castle Opole

Daviidos Wikimedia Commons

2. Opole Old Town

Opole Old Town is another lovely place to visit. The scenic Old Town is best explored on foot. This way, you’ll see how well preserved the entire Old Town is. 

It is, however, recommended going with a knowledgeable local guide to acquaint yourself with the amazing history and cultural background of the city. Opole Old Town has its own unique charm, with its well laid out historical buildings, brick towers, restaurants, and cafes.

 Opole Old Town

3. Diocesan Museum

Looking for detailed information about the city’s historical past, including religion, culture, people, and architecture? Diocesan Museum is the place to be. The museum holds an extensive collection of temporary exhibitions. 

Admire the fine paintings, sculptures, and artworks done by professional artists. A major highlight is the Madonna with Child monument. Even if you don’t have a thing for arts and exhibitions, make sure you stop by at Diocesan Museum – it never disappoints.

Diocesan Museum Opole 

4. City Hall

Located in the city center is a magnificent building, the City Hall. The building’s architectural design serves as a major draw. No matter where you are in the city, the City Hall is hard to miss. In 1934, the building collapsed. 

The newly built city hall now has a huge tower, cream exterior, and four sided-clock. Remember to plan your trip in advance if you’d like to explore the City Hall. 

City Hall Opole

Daviidos Wikimedia Commons

5. Opole Zoo

Located on an island in the middle of the River Oder, Opole is home to an impressive zoo. Opole Zoo is one of Poland’s most beautiful zoos. The green, spacious areas around the zoo make it even more conducive for the animals. Unlike other zoos where animals are confined to a tiny cage, Opole Zoo makes the animals feel they are in their natural habitat. 

On a hot summer day, the zoo offers a great respite from the heat. Here you’ll find an array of animals such as monkeys, zebras, camels, leopards, hippos, sea lion, anteaters, and giraffe. Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay an entrance fee to gain access to the museum. It is indeed a great spot for everyone, including families.

Opole Zoo

 Pudelek (Marcin Szala) Wikimedia Commons

6. Museum Wsi Opolskiej

For those interested in history and culture, check out Wsi Opolskiek open-air museum. Here you’ll find a stunning display of traditional Polish houses. Basically, the museum was built to give guests a glimpse of what Polish farming village looked like from the 18th to 20th centuries. 

This open-air museum houses barns, mills, wooden houses, and religious sites that were recovered all over Poland. The wooden houses boast an elaborate interior. There is a blacksmith on site who specializes in making souvenirs right in the presence of visitors. You’ll need at least 2 hours to explore the museum, so make sure to wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes. 

Museum Wsi Polskiej Opole

Jacek Nitkiewicz Wikimedia Commons

7. River Oder

Certainly, Opole cannot be compared to Venice when it comes to canals and rivers. However, a cruise along the River Oder makes you feel like you’re in Venice. 

There are lots of companies that specialize in arranging a cruise on the River Oder, so be diligent with your choice. This is a great way to relax and unwind. Catch stunning views of the city’s impressive architecture as you glide down the river.

River Oder Opole

 Daviidos Wikimedia Commons

8. Tour Piast Tower

Sadly, Opole’s castle Zamek was completely written off during the years of multiple wars in Poland. For this reason, the castle is closed to the public. 

Notwithstanding, you can still explore the site. Thankfully, the castle’s tower, otherwise known as Piast Tower, still stands. The tower has undergone a series of renovation and today serves as a museum. Climb to the top of the tower for some amazing views over the city.

Piast Tower Opole

 Lestat (Jan Mehlich) Wikimedia Commons

9. Robot Factory

There’s an innovative side of Opole that many people overlook. Robot Factory is a place that’s quite different from the cultural and historical spots mentioned here. The factory was founded by Sebastian Kucharski. The company which started in the founder’s personal garage has grown significantly. 

Most robots are built and engineered to perform basic movements and sounds. In order to make the world healthier, Sebastian uses scrap metals in building the robots displayed at the factory. You’ll find robots of various sizes, weight, and design. The best part is that you can rent these robots for parties and events.

Fabryka Robotów Opole

 10. Holy Trinity Church

With proximity to the city center, the Holy Trinity Church is a spectacular edifice built in the 14th century. Within the church’s premises are the tombs of 3 kings and a queen. The interior is beautifully adorned. This church played a significant role in Polish history after valuable frescos were found right under the church’s wall.

Opole Trinity Church

 Daviidos Wikimedia Commons

There are lots of sites and activities designed specifically for every traveler. Skip the crowded tourist destination, plan your trip to Opole and enjoy this guide to the best things to see and do in Opole. 


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