Best Day Trips From Wroclaw

Wroclaw is one of the best destinations in Poland and will likely steal your heart. But, if you have any more than two days in the town, take the chance to get out of Wroclaw and see more of the Poland. 

We listed down 10 best day trips from Wroclaw for you.

Giant Mountains & Valley of the Palaces

Giant Mountains Poland

Have you heard about the Valley of Palaces in Poland? I guess no and frankly speaking, I’m not surprised as crowds often overlook this lovely place. The valley, tucked between mountains, seems to be torn from reality and transferred to a fairy tale’s pages. 

The scenic route takes you through the extraordinary valley of the medieval castles, baroque palaces, and 19th-century mansions where you will get the chance of tasting traditional liqueur while admiring the beautiful scenery. And not only that, in striking distance form the valley lies Karpacz popular mountain resort, where you can admire the 12th-century vang church either go for hiking. 

You can rent a car in Wrocław and go on a journey at your own pace while taking in the scenic views, or take an organized trip for peace of mind.

Chapel of Skulls in Chermna

Czermna Chapel of Skulls Poland

If you are fun of cool and quirky places, then this will be something for you. When we look at the small building from outside, it is hard to guess what it hides inside. Basically, this place is one huge cemetery enclosed within four walls; much to everyone surprise who comes to visit this place, the chapel’s entire interior is lined with human remains – real skulls and bones. 

When visiting the chapel, a shiver runs down your spine, and its exceptionally dark atmosphere makes this place remain in your memory for a long time. The Skull Chapel in Kudowa-Zdrój is the only monument of this kind in Poland.

Ksiaz Castle

Ksiaz Castle Poland

A day visit to Ksiaz castle is one of the most popular day trips to take from Wroclaw. Shrouded in numerous legends and a hint of secret stories, it is a real pearl of Lower Silesia. If you allow time for a few hours to visit Ksiaz Castle, be sure to take a stroll around the Książ Landscape Park as you’ll be rewarded with stunning views. 

To learn about the castle’s secrets, you can opt for an organized tour from Wroclaw, or explore the castle corridors and chambers individually, while listening to audiobooks. 

Want to feel like a king or queen? Then you should consider spending a night in the walls of the castle. Unforgettable experience for those who love ghosts, specters, and fairy-tales. You will surely enjoy the Night at Ksiaz Castle.

Church of the Piece in Swidnica

Church of The Peace SwidnicaWisniowy Wikimedia Commons

It doesn’t get as much attention as Ksiaz Castle, but with its highly sophisticated design, a rare expression of Lutheran ideology, and universal value, the church is an excellent spot for a day trip. At first glance, this church may not look as impressive as cathedrals and other such religious buildings. 

But you will be surprised as everything in the church is made from wood and much of the interior looks like marble, but it isn’t! The advantage of the old church is that it is also different from many we have seen around the world. 

So if you want to visit the largest wooden baroque church inscribed on the World Heritage List of UNESCO, learn about its history, and explore amazing interiors, you could join this half-day trip or combine sightseeing with Ksiaz Castle. Definitely worth checking out.

Project Riese

Project Riese Poland

If you’re after something a little different and mysterious, project riese tunnels will be the right place to be. During WWII, a huge Nazi project was established in the Owl Mountains, which meant to be used as a factory for weapon making or to serve as Adolf Hitler’s headquarters.

Today, history buffs love this place because of the opportunity of wandering through dark, mysterious corridors and learning the history of secret Nazi tunnels. Project Riese can be accessed through seven different entry points found at Walim-Rzeczka, Jugowice, Włodarz, Soboń (Ramenberg), Sokolec, Osówka, and before mentioned, Książ Castle.

So, if you have enough time during your stay in Wroclaw, a tour around the facility is a must.

Museum of Industry and Rail in Silesia

Museum Of Rail and Industry

If Nazi Tunnels are not your thing and you’re interested in seeing something different, then head over to Jaworzyna, where you will find museums of industry and rail in Silesia. As a child, many of us had a fascination with trains and even wanted to become a train driver, but our dreams were forgotten as we grew up. 

If your inner child is hungry and crying out for something like so, hop into the car and drive over to the museum. You will see various exhibitions related to the history of railways and technology. The museum’s collection includes steam, diesel, electric locomotives, 50 wagons, and other specialist vehicles. As a part of the sightseeing tour, you will get a chance to travel on the historic locomotive.  

If you want to see them in full splendor, it is worth planning your day trip from Wroclaw.


Auschwitz Poland

Undoubtedly one of the top destinations for people visiting Poland, Auschwitz, is well worth the 2,5 hour travel time from Wroclaw. When we think about hell, we have biblical visions of a place of torment where people end up for their sins. Entering the premises of the former German concentration and extermination camp Auschwitz-Birkenau, one gets the impression that hell was located in this place for several years. 

Hunger, medical experiments, terror, inhuman work, diseases, executions, gas chambers, Zyklon B – all this was experienced by Poles, Jews, and representatives of other nations brought here. A visit to the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum in Oświęcim is not an ordinary trip, and you have to be prepared mentally and psychologically.

Visiting the camp brings back the memory of those events, the genocide, and the Holocaust; however, it is the sort of place that shouldn’t be missed. You can visit Auschwitz with a tour guide, or you can opt for a car rental, use the train, or via public bus. It’s a history lesson you’ll never forget.

Without the hassle of public transit and make the most of your time in Poland, you should consider taking a tour.

Jelenia Gora

Jelenia Gora Poland

This pretty city is ideal for those looking to take a romantic stroll through the scenic market square while admiring stunning architecture. Surely you will be amazed by the endless magnificent monuments of the city. Beautiful, pre-war villas, colorful tenement houses, and palaces bring to mind old stories and wonderful, idyllic life. 

The town can boast not only stunning views but also a long and fascinating history. Jelenia Góra became famous for the production of linen canvases called veils. For a long time, it was one of the wealthiest cities in Silesia. You will certainly not get bored here as the city offers many attractions, not only for music and monuments lovers but also for those seeking relaxation amid surrounding nature. This is easily one of the best day trips from Wroclaw.

Klodzko County

Klodzko County Poland

One of the best day trips from Wroclaw is to visit nearby Klodzko county. This beautiful region’s drawback is undeveloped transport, but don’t worry, you can opt for car rental and explore the area at your own pace. If you want to visit just the region’s capital, you can hop on the bus from Wroclaw. 

You can find all connections here. A stay in the Kłodzko region will undoubtedly be full of attractions. It’s going to be hard to decide how much time you want to spend on sightseeing. You could spend the day wandering around Klodzko town’s, with plenty of opportunities for coffee stops along the way, but the real draw here is enjoying the great outdoors, where you’ll find endless hikes. 

The Klodzko county is a popular tourist spot, a few hours from Wroclaw, and well worth the trip.


Czestochowa Poland

To get an understanding of the central role that Catholicism still holds in Poland, a visit to Czestochowa is essential and, for many people, an extraordinary experience. The Jasna Góra Monastery is the most famous site amongst Poland’s pilgrimages and a must-see for everyone who visits Czestochowa.

But what draws millions of tourists every year is the famous icon, the Black Madonna, which holds in the hearts and minds of Poles special place. You can wander around Jasna Gora Monastery while learning the site’s rich history and legends associated with Black Madonna. After you visit Jasna Gora, you could direct your steps to one of the nearby cafes to take a sip of coffee. 

If you get a chance, you can pop into the museum of matches to see the production line, which uses technology from the 1930s. Transport is easy with direct buses from Wroclaw to Czestochowa. However, if you want to avoid the hassle of public transport and make the most of your time in Poland, consider a tour.

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