Palace Wojanow in Poland

Magnificent and majestic, almost fairytale-like Wojanów Palace is located in The Valley of Palaces and Gardens. The area is full of historic parks, medieval castles, and romantic residences surrounded by a unique natural landscape, the perfect place for every tourist. 

Palace Wojanów is an incredibly charming place located in the town of Wojanów in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship. This extremely luxurious property is found about seven kilometers from the center of Jelenia Góra and around 100 kilometers from Wroclaw.


The earliest historical records of the estate in Wojanów date back to the end of the twelfth century. In 1281, the knight’s fief found here was the property of Eberhard von Schildau. A little later, in 1286, the owner of these assets was Henry de Schildow

This magnificent building experienced glory times in the seventeenth century. In 1607, Nickel von Zedlitz und Nimmersath built a new, incredibly charming Renaissance mansion here. Unfortunately, in 1643 during the Swedish invasion, it was destroyed by the enemy army. Nevertheless, after the war with Sweden, it was rebuilt, and it gained mainly baroque decor.

In the years 1832-1834, the then owner of the manor – Karl Ike, rebuilt the construction, giving it a new, neo-Gothic appearance, which has survived to this day.  A little later, in 1839, this magnificent estate was in the hands of Princess Luiza, who was the wife of Prince Frederick of the Netherlands and the daughter of the Prussian King Frederick William III

During the reign of this duchess, another reconstruction of the palace was carried out. At that time, a charming landscape park was created, and the palace was a typical example of buildings in the neo-Gothic style. Palace gained the name of an extremely romantic manor house. The property in Wojanów was in the hands of the Prussian ruler until 1908.

During World War II, a labor camp was established in the palace. Until the end of hostilities, the mansion was successively owned by Carl Kriegow, consul Effenberg, and publisher Kammer

In the post-war years, the Wojanów Palace was handed over to the state farm, like many other facilities of this type. Over the years, this building shared the fate of other Silesian residences. It was plundered many times and gradually fell into ruin.

In 2002, the building was struck by fire, which destroyed all levels to the first floor. After the fire, the ruins were bought by a monument enthusiast – Piotr Napierała, head of the Castellum conservation and construction company. Experts estimate that turning the palace in Wojanów to its former glory cost about forty million zlotys.

Palace Today

Currently, Wojanów Palace is held by private owners and houses a luxury hotel and conference complex. The magnificent Palace in Wojanów is the central part of a significant farm estate. Currently, in the whole complex, apart from the palace in the style of English Neo-Gothic, there are such facilities as a stable, barn, carriage house and a romantic landscape park with recreated historical paths and promenades.

The interior of the palace is also extremely delightful. Among the many rooms, every tourist’s eye is attracted by a richly decorated ballroom. Mentioned earlier park is the favorite walking place of many visiting tourists and a great spot for excellent, romantic photo sessions.

The mansion, inhabited continuously for over 400 years, offers accommodation in 11 luxury apartments and 81 comfortable rooms, equipped with comfortable, stylish furniture, emphasizing the historical character of the facility. People resting at this place can take advantage of numerous SPA offering various facial and body treatments, gym, or swimming pool.

Besides, active characters can choose from many recreational attractions and sports activities. The wide range includes two tennis courts with artificial grass, a volleyball court, and Nordic Walking tours along the beautiful park paths surrounding the palace.

This object’s historic and unique character creates a romantic and mysterious scenery that will be remembered for a long time.

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Tour Around Palace

Tourists can explore the available rooms and learn about the history of the palace. Organized groups of at least 20 people.


– 20,00 PLN – adult (tour in German language 20,00 PLN / person)

– 10,00 zł – children from 7 to 12

tel: 75 75 45 300, e-mail:

Palace website click here

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    The beginning of March my husband and I will be landing in Warsaw and driving to Gdansk and then back to Warsaw. We have about 5 days for this journey. We enjoy staying and seeing unique places. Also enjoy small town, villages and Old towns.
    I would appreciate any suggestions.
    Thank you

    • Bartosz

      Hi Leslee,
      So what I would suggest for you, on the way to Gdansk, you can slightly get off the road to visit Olsztyn, which is a pretty small town in the Masurian Lake District.
      From Olsztyn there is a short drive to a historical town of Lidzbark Warminski. The main attraction is a famous castle. Then you have famous Malbork Castle.
      On the way back to Warsaw, you can head over to Bydgoszcz or Torun – the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus. There is also city of lovers Chelmno which might be worthwhile visiting. Once you done with visiting one of aforementioned location, you can stop in spa town of Ciechocinek.
      And finally there is small historical town of Sierpc which has lovely Mazovian village museum. You can plan this accordingly to best suit your needs. Hope I could help.
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