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10 Best attractions in Karpacz Poland

Karpacz is one of the most popular tourist destination resorts in Poland. It is located in the centre of Karkonosze Mountains. Karpacz is excellent for hiking and winter sports in the Karkonosze. At several points of the village, there are various trails that lead tourists through unusual paths into beautiful, charming mountain regions. Regardless of whether we choose a shorter or longer trip, more or less frequented routes, the Giant Mountains will quickly show us what is the most beautiful in them – the proximity of nature and wonderful landscapes. Karpacz is a beautiful mountain village, frequently visited by tourists both in the summer and winter time. You can find a lot of attractions here and take advantage of many fun activities set up for tourists.

See our top 10 list of the best attractions in Karpacz, Poland.

Wang Church

This is one of the most beautiful places to visit when in Karpacz. A unique monument of Scandinavian sacred architecture from the 12th century. Originally the wooden church was built in the Norwegian town Vang where its name comes from. The Lutheran church was transferred to the Giant Mountains in 1842. The Countess Friederike Charlotte von Redern, from nearby Bukowiec convinced the king Wilhelm IV to move the church to the Karpacz. The Wang Church is a year-round’s main attraction for tourists from the country and around the world. Every year, the temple is visited by over 100 thousand of people. On the site you can buy souvenirs, take a photo with the Mountain Spirit, attend mass or just simply enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of this place.

Wang Church


Śnieżka is the highest peak (1602 MASL) of the Giant Mountains and the entire Sudety Mountains. Sniezka is accessible by cable car or you can climb it on foot tourist trail, enjoying the amazing views. At the top you will find disc-shaped observatory and a restaurant, a weather station and a wooden chapel dedicated to St. Lawrence. Great place to see and admire the majesty of Polish and Czech mountains.

Sniezka Karpacz

Karkonoskie Tajemnice (Mysteries of Karkonosze)

The place shows you the stories and legends of surrounding Karkonosze Mountains. You will learn here much about the ancient and mysterious spirit of the mountain. The underground interactive museum is perfect place for families with children. Really worth to visit and we are sure you will enjoy it.

Mysteries of Karkonosze

Castle Chojnik

Chojnik castle is located above the town of Sobieszow and was built by Bolko II Maly. Its remains stand on top of the Chojnik hill. Sobieszow near the Church is the most popular starting point with four trails and you can hike up at the top. The views from the top are fabulous and the history of the castle is fascinating, in all of its history it was never defeated. The legend says that Princess Kunegunda who is a heroine of the legends of Sudetes, and is said to have lived in Chojnik Castle in Poland. To avoid marriage, she set a condition that her future spouse must complete a circuit along the castle’s walls on horseback in armor. The particular difficulty of the task laid in the fact that the walls were narrower on the side of the castle bordering on a cliff. Many knights died trying to complete the task, until one of them accomplished it and rejected the love of the princess. In response, Kunegunda jumped over the edge.

Chojnik Castle

Western City

Western City is an amusement park set in a western climate, located in Ściegny, just next to Karpacz. Its area is about 65 hectares of pastures, farmsteads and a cowboy town. The complex consists of stylized buildings, which include Saloon, sheriff’s office, bank, colonial shop or post office. There are over 40 horses here, most of the American Quarter Horse. A special attraction of Western City are special shows, such as a staging of bank robbery. The visitors will find plenty of attractions and opportunities here. You can test your skills in many arcade competitions, such as throwing a target with a knife, spear, archery or climbing on a stake. There is also a shooting-range on site, and adults can learn to throw real lasso. Just behind the town is Gold City, the center of gold rinsing. Instructors train how to rinse gold with an old trapper method. There is also a mini zoo, where you can see horses, ponies, goats, cows, donkeys, deer and bisons.

Wild Waterfall

Near the “Biały Jar” hotel in Karpacz and the lower station of theKopa chair lift there is one of the most beautiful places in Karpacz -wild waterfall. Its creation is the result of the construction of ananti-ridge dam on an unpredictable mountain river, the source of which is located at an altitude of 1407 m above sea level, the plateau under Sniezka. Wild waterfall looks magical in summer, surrounded by greenery and shaded by crowns of trees, as well as in winter, when decorated with fanciful ice forms, snow-covered trees and white fur all around.

Wild Waterfall

Dam on Lomnica

The Lomnica river is one of the wildest and most dangerous rivers in Karkonosze Mountains. During the flood in 1897 it destroyed many houses, roads, farms and the undermined embankment of railway line between 1910 and 1915. The Łomnica river bed was regulated and dam was built in Karpacz on the Łomnica river. Due to the construction of the dam, an artificial reservoir was created and became a recreational attraction in Karpacz. There is a red trail leading via the top of the dam to the Grabowiec hill. The dam and its picturesque surroundings have become a fantastic attraction in Karpacz.

Gravitational anomaly spot

The anomaly can be observed on Strazacka street. This phenomenon is that the car or a bottle begins to roll uphill against the laws of gravity. There are only a few places on earth where gravity law doesnot apply. So if you are in Karpacz, make sure you take a trip to see this amazing anomaly.

Kolorowa Luge

Toboggan run is in the center of karpacz on the slope of color. Alpine bobsleigh run (Alpinia-COASTER) allows top speed of 35 km / h and is available all year round. There are also available summer toboggan runs with speed up to 30 km/h. Great fun for kids and adults.

Park Miniature “Budowle Swiata”

Park Miniature is a real treat for all travelers with a fondness for visiting monuments in various corners of the world and for those who would like to see them. The exhibition is located in Mysłakowice, near Jelenia Góra and Karpacz. The presented 28 models show the buildings from five continents, both those still existing and those already destroyed. All of them, however, were presented, as in their glory days. Models were created at 1:25, 1:50 or 1:100 scales. The artists who created the mock-up did not omit even the smallest details and decorations, based on the plans of the building, technical documentation and photographs of real objects, which gives the impression of perfect reconstruction, well-known to all monuments. Meticulous architectural icons such as the Parthenon, Chinese Wall, White House, Tower Bridge, Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal, Statue of Liberty and Big Ben were meticulously made. Paradoxically, such small creations as miniatures exert enormous impression on visitors. In addition, you can get to know the short history of each of the monuments because the information is provided with every miniature.


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