Czocha Castle Poland

In Poland, there are lots of exciting sights to see, but a visit to a castle is always something you’d cherish for a lifetime. Czocha Castle is definitely a place that will make you remember Poland for what it truly stands for – history. 

The walls within the castle hold a whole lot of secrets about the Second World War. The history of the castle is absolutely fascinating. In addition to that, the castle played an intriguing role during the Cold War. 

These days, visitors can spend the night at the castle. Spacious, beautifully decorated rooms featuring all kinds of regalia and armory make your stay worthwhile. 

There are a variety of attractions within the castle that will make your visit worthwhile. A tour of the Czocha castle brings to the open the many hidden secrets such as hidden passages and bookcases that take you through fascinating tunnels and staircases.

 For the adventurous, take a stroll along its surrounding woodlands. Watersports enthusiasts will love the nearby lake and its calm environment, making it ideal for planning a picnic. The lake is a favorite spot for locals. 

The castle takes history and culture lovers on an intriguing journey where the past connects with the future. All the attractions and activities here will make your time spent at the castle unforgettable. 

Looking for the right spot to enjoy a romantic weekend with your partner? The good news is that Czocha Castle boasts a hotel that offers sumptuous dinner by the candlelight, served alongside a bottle of cold wine, and accompanied by great tunes and rhythms. Your time spent here will never be forgotten in a rush. 

If you’d like to see the castle from a different perspective, ditch the day trip and take a night tour of the castle. On this tour, you’ll hear stories that will make you quiver in fear. Note a night tour of the castle is not for the faint at heart; it is for the courageous.

Czocha Castle in Poland


Czocha Castle is located in Lower Silesia – a region home to beautiful villages, lush green forests, snowy peaks, and historic towns. In this region lies some of the best castles in the country, including Czocha Castle. 

Throughout the centuries, Lower Silesia became famous as the one-stop vacation destination for the rich and wealthy in Europe. Surrounded by lush forests, the Czocha Castle hosted some of the wealthiest families in Europe before being captured by the Nazis and afterward the Red Army. 


No other destination got hit the hardest by the turbulent history of the Silesian region than Czocha Castle. The castle’s construction was ordered by Czech King Wenceslas in the 13th century. 

From the early 14th century, the Piast princes, Henryk I Jaworski and Bolko II Maly, became lords over the castle. The Czechs eventually took over but not after the Piast princes ruled over the castle for 70 years. 

And then it was subjected to the rule of successive noble families. History has it that the family of von Nostitz ruled over the castle the longest, for nearly 250 years. 

The castle was sold to Dresden cigar manufacturer, Ernst Gutschow. During his stay at the castle, Ernst purchased many valuable artifacts. However, while he was vacating the castle in 1945, Ernst didn’t leave without his most valuable pieces but left the not so relevant pieces behind, which in the hit of the wars, were stolen by soldiers of the Red Army and Polish thieves. 

In 1952, the Polish Army took over the castle, which at the time served as a military vacation resort. Members of the public can access the castle, which boasts a hotel and conference center. Czocha Castle has featured in many popular movies and TV series. 

Major Highlights

Prior to entering Czocha Castle, you may want to check the first inhabitants at the arcade bridge that leads into the castle gates. Mourners who gathered at a funeral procession in 1719 lost their lives when the bridge collapsed underneath. Unfortunately, none of them survived as they drowned in the moat. 

The residential part of the castle can be easily accessed by the public. Check out the Knight Rooms and armories, which hold an array of interesting artifacts. 

Other interesting activities include archery courses, knight tournaments, wine tasting held in its cellars, and medieval to Renaissance dances that takes place within the courtyard. 

There is a local eating establishment right next to the castle where you can recharge and satisfy your taste bud before heading into the castle. 

Expect to hear lots of dreadful stories about the castle. Your tour guide will take you to some of the hidden rooms and show you a few mysterious devices that call the castle home. Visitors have a chance to experience firsthand the legend of a Renaissance” well of unfaithful wives” in the courtyard. 

Even today, you may hear the cries of the poor souls imprisoned in the castle’s dungeons. The most dreadful story about the castle centers is the White Lady. She is the ghost of Gertrude, who once lived with the walls of the castle with her brother in the 15th century. 

Gertrude tried to conquer the castle but eventually failed. As a result of her betrayal, she was not just beheaded but also cursed by her sibling. 

For this reason, the gates of hell were closed on her. And since she can’t make it to hell, the only viable option is to make the castle her home. In other words, she is doomed to roam the grounds of the castle for life. 

Thanks to the hotel located within the castle, visitors can spend the night to discover whether or not the ghost stories told by the staff or tour guide are true. It is believed that each square meter of the castle is inhabited by spirits. But there’s just one way to find out – plan your trip to this exciting sight. 

If you fancy ghosts, the supernatural, artifacts, and rich history, then Czocha castle is definitely the place to be. Be sure to visit Czocha Castle if you are traveling to Wroclaw.

Czocha Castle- Opening Hours, Sightseeing and Ticket Prices Click Here.

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