• Best Castles To Visit in Poland
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    15 Best Castles to Visit in Poland

    Poland is home to some of the world’s most beautiful castles and palaces. Among them, you can find medieval fortresses, elegant mansions, as well as fancy buildings straight from fairy tales or legends. These beautiful, magnificent buildings inspire artists, stimulate the imagination, delight with style and original shapes. From the famous Wawel castle in Krakow to located in extremely picturesque location castle Niedzica, here are the most impressive castles in Poland that you must-see.  1. Malbork Castle Located about 70 km from the Gdansk, Malbork’s Castle is the most powerful medieval fortress in Europe. This complex of three castles, picturesquely situated on the Nogat River, was the Teutonic Order’s capital for…

  • Teutonic Knight's Castle in Torun
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    Teutonic Knights’ Castle in Torun

    The castles have evolved, and their appearance has changed over the centuries. Poland is blessed with countless beautiful castles to admire, from medieval castles, baroque residences, fairy-tale palaces to magnificent ruins. Explore ancient ruins, discover mysterious remains, and learn the stories held within the walls of the Torun castle. History In the Chełmno Land, the Teutonic Order was building its first stronghold in Toruń in the mid-thirteenth century. On the plan of a closed horseshoe, a stone castle is made of stone and brick and a rampart and outer bailey around it. The castle was subject to constant expansion and modernization until the 14th century. Near the castle, there were…

  • Baranow Sandomierski Castle
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    Baranow Sandomierski Castle

    Baranow Sandomierski Castle is one of the best-preserved fortifications of this type in Europe. This pearl of Renaissance architecture in the northwest of the city is called “Little Wawel.” The former seat of the Leszczyński family is surrounded by a 14-hectare park, and within it, there is also a three-star Hotel. Travelers willingly visit this secluded place. History The Castle in Baranów Sandomierski was initially a Renaissance court. It was built on the initiative of the governor of Radziejów – Rafał Leszczyński. His son Andrzej Leszczyński in the years 1591-1603, expanded it into a castle which appearance we can admire to this day.  In 1620, impressive, modern bastion fortifications were built…

  • Grodziec Castle
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    Grodziec Castle

    Grodziec Castle is a unique fortress located on a basalt, volcanic, steep hill and is one of the biggest attractions of the Lower Silesia. It is a majestic, massive structure, entirely noticeable from afar. Although today the castle has no one to defend against, it is a great place to explore and learn about history. History The castle, in its original form, was built by Bobrzanie, a West Slavic tribe from the Bóbr River. The first mentions date from 1155. At that time, the castle was a wooden stronghold, and a stone one was built during the reign of Henry the Bearded.  Then the castle became the property of the…

  • Gniew Castle
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    Gniew Castle

    The picturesque medieval castle in Gniew is next to the castle in Malbork, one of the most famous Teutonic castles located in Poland. The stronghold in Gniew lies on the Trail of Gothic Castles. The castle is open to tourists, but it also houses a luxury hotel. It’s been said that it is one of those places that combine extraordinary, intricate, and sometimes dark history with modernity and comfort. History The castle was built at the turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries and was the most powerful Teutonic fortress on the left bank of the Vistula. Construction began after 1290 and lasted 40 years. It was the seat of…

  • Lenno Castle in Poland
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    Lenno Castle in Poland

    Lenno Castle is the oldest brick fortress in Lower Silesia and is considered by some researchers as the oldest castle in Poland. The castle was a home of Henry the Bearded and his wife, Duchess Jadwiga, later recognized as a saint – Patron of Silesia. Princes and knights, noble families, and robbers had lived here as well. History As we mentioned, Lenno Castle is the oldest stone castle in Lower Silesia. The first records referring to the existence of the castle date back to the 10th century, and the castle has been expanding regularly over the years. The early stage of expansion was the construction of a Romanesque house and the…

  • Castle in Kwidzyn
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    Castle and Cathedral Complex in Kwidzyn

    Kwidzyn is a tourist pearl of Poland. The biggest tourist attraction in the city is the castle and cathedral complex. An unusual combination is illustrating the history of the region, beautiful full of glory and contradictions. History of The Complex The castle is connected to the Cathedral in Kwidzyn that, at first glance, it is difficult to separate these two objects. They are like Siamese twins. Someone who goes to Kwidzyn intending to see the castle should see the vast Cathedral as well.  Castle The construction of the castle of the Pomezanian chapter began at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries. After the works aimed at preparing the area,…

  • Nowy Wisnicz Castle Poland
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    Nowy Wisnicz Castle Poland

    What attracts crowds of tourists in Nowy Wiśnicz is undoubtedly an impressive castle, rising on a forested hill above the city. This Baroque-Renaissance residence of the magnate families impresses with its beautiful architecture and excellent condition. History The castle in Wiśnicz was built around the mid-fourteenth century, probably at the initiative of Jan Kmita. Jan of the Szreniawa coat of arms built a small castle with one tower, surrounded by a palisade and an earth embankment. After 1516, Piotr Kmita, the most significant representative of this family and expanded the castle. All residential wings were raised by one floor, and a fourth corner tower, or rather an artillery bastion, was…

  • Goluchow Castle in Poland
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    Goluchow Castle in Poland

    The Gołuchów Castle is a real gem in Poland, which must be visited. An ideal place for a family weekend outing. The castle and park complex in Goluchow is today considered to be the most beautiful in Poland, and at the same time, it is still undiscovered for mass tourism. History The Gołuchów Castle is a must-see when visiting that region of Greater Poland. It is a building with over 400 years of history. Around 1560, the defensive court was built by voivode Rafał Leszczyński. Then his son Wacław transformed the building into a magnate residence. The most significant events in the history of the castle took place in the…

  • Lidzbark Warmiński Castle
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    Lidzbark Warmiński Castle

    The castle in Lidzbark Warmiński is one of the finest and best-preserved defensive structures from the Middle Ages in Poland. The architecture and decoration of the monument have high artistic values. The impressive red brick building is located in the city center and is the identity of Lidzbark Waramiński. History The castle is settled in the heart of Lidzbark Warmiński, a city known for centuries as the Pearl of Warmia. The monumental building consists of a Gothic castle and an outer ward with a baroque palace. Lidzbark was the seat of the Warmian bishops from the mid-fourteenth century after moving it from Orneta. The construction of the defensive structure began…