10 Top Things To Do In Lublin

Chances are you probably haven’t heard of Lublin, so to get you started on the right not, a little background on the city may be useful. Located in eastern Poland, this historic city was a prosperous trade center. 

Despite being a lesser-known destination, Lublin is blessed with rich culture and traditions, thanks to its strategic location at the crossroads of Russia, Lithuania, and Ukraine. This is the place to find some of the fascinating architecture that Poland has to offer. There is an endless amount of things to do in Lublin. 

1. Lublin Old Town

Much like any city in Europe, the beautiful Old Town will captivate you. The many gates at the Old Town, including Brama Krakowska, tell you that walls once surrounded the city. Exploring its cobblestone streets is quite easy. 

One of the must-see spots is the “Plac Po Farze square.” On three sides are gorgeous historic buildings while the fourth boasts an incredible terrace from where you can enjoy great views of Lublin on one side. Another exciting thing to see is the medieval church known as the Church of St. Michael.

Lublin Old Town 

2. Old Town Market Square

The Old Town Market Square is one spot that never fails to impress. The main square is home to lots of beautiful buildings, with the most prominent being the Crown Tribunal. 

Be sure to bring your camera as you’d most likely spend a large chunk of your time taking pictures here. The architectural designs are out of this world. More so, the Old Town Market Square is the ideal place to satisfy your hunger for traditional foods. The restaurants here are awesome. 

Lublin Market Square

3. Lublin Castle

The royal castle of King Casimir the Great is a must among things to see and do in Lublin. Initially constructed in the 14th century, the Lublin Castle is one of Poland’s oldest preserved royal castles. The stunning royal castle can be seen from “Plac Po Farze.” The castle shows very little of its medieval origins. The castle’s exterior boasts an ornate neo-gothic style, as they were added in the 19th century. 

History enthusiasts will have a swell time exploring the architecture and weaponry exhibits within. The Lublin Museum, within the castle, has an extensive collection of artifacts, plus local and foreign works of art. If you are not into exhibits, then you can choose to climb up the castle tower for some stunning views of the city from the top. No doubt, Lublin has a lot of impressive viewpoints, but this seems to be the best of all. 

Lublin Castle

4. Lublin Cathedral

There are quite a lot of churches in Lublin, but this cathedral beats others to their game. Located in the heart of the city, this ornate cathedral built in the 16th century was initially created as a religious site for Jesuit. The incredible wall paintings narrate a lot of exciting stories. 

Lublin cathedral was one of the first Baroque buildings in Poland. The building was designed to look just like the Chiesa del Gesu in Rome. Created by Moravian artist Jozef Majer, the cathedral houses the copy of the famous Black Madonna. The temple is, indeed, a beauty to behold. Take in the stunning architecture, and you’ll be fulfilled. 

Lublin Cathedral

5. Jewish Lublin

Check out the Jeszywas Chachmej Synagogue, which sits in the heart of Jewish Lublin. During the Second World War, the building was vandalized by the Nazis, and all of the contents were damaged. 

Today, the synagogue still performs its usual functions. Looking at the synagogue from the outside, you’ll see no sign of a place of worship. The beauty lies within, as you’ll find a collection of photographs and texts in Hebrew. Apart from the synagogue, the district is also home to the New Jewish Cemetery and the Old Jewish Cemetery.

Jeszywas Chachmej Lublin

Krzysztof Schabowicz Wikimedia Commons

6. Skansen Museum

Take steps back in time when you visit this open-air village museum, otherwise known as the Lublin Museum of Rural Life. Skansen is one of Poland’s largest open-air museums, featuring exhibits that portray traditional village life and cultural traditions of the ancient people of Lublin. 

They come complete with a beautiful manor house, a windmill, and an Orthodox church. Today, Skansen is a hub for rotational educations events and hosting several events for the holiday seasons and other special occasions. 

Skansen Lublin

Olek Remesz Wikimedia Commons

7. Botanical Gardens

Top on the lists of nature lovers is the botanical gardens of the Maria Curie Sklodowska University. Within proximity to Skansen Museum is the Botanical garden, allowing visitors the chance to get up close with Mother Nature. The garden spanning 25 hectares and more than 6500 plant species and has a lot of interesting things to show. 

Botanical Garden Lublin

LLew Wikimedia Coomons

8. Krakowskie Przedmiescie Street

Krakowskie Przedmeiscie Street is a vibrant pedestrian shopping street with a modern vibe. The street comes alive at night. Lined with cafes, restaurants, and pubs, the street is a playground for revelers and the young at heart who come here to hang out at night. Its vibrant atmosphere makes it an incredible place for a fine dining experience. 

Krakowskie przedmiescie Lublin

Marcin Bialek Wikimedia 

9. Trinity Tower

Another must-see sight in Lublin is the Trinity Tower. The tower was extended to 60 meters by the Poland based Italian architecture Antonio Corazzi in 1819. 

The building features a tin finial of a cockerel at the top, which was once used to signal any form of danger. Summon the courage and climb the over 200 staircases to the top for stunning views of Lublin. As you walk your way to the top of the tower, make sure you take in the beautiful paintings and sculptures that line the staircase. 

Trinity Tower Lublin

10. Majdanek

Now a museum, Majdanek was one of the largest German Nazi concentration camps located in the region. Thousands of innocent people died here during Hitler’s Nazi regime. The museum tells gruesome tales of what really happened here. Pay your respects to the fallen at Majdanek.

Majdanek Lublin

Goku 122 Wikimedia Commons

When planning a trip to Lublin, you’re not going to have a hard time finding something that interests you. Though you won’t find many crowds here as in Krakow or Warsaw even during the tourist season, Lublin is a spectacular place to visit. You’ll never regret visiting this historic city.

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