10 Top Things To Do In Radom

Radom is an industrial city located 100 km south of Warsaw. Now being part of the Masovian Voivodeship, the city is home to some of the top institutions and government buildings in the region. 

Back in the early days, the town was highly placed, as royalties like King Wladyslaw II Jagiello, usually stop by to relax and refresh while traveling from Krakow to Vilnius. 

Radom is an underrated vacation destination in Poland and has gained popularity for its affordable prices for food and drink. One of the events held in the city that catches the attention of many beyond the borders of Poland is the Radom Air Show, which takes place in August. 

No other event of its kind can beat it to the number one spot, yet. Follow the Moments of Radom trail to see ancient buildings, medieval religious sites, and spectacular townhouses.


Located in Mazowieckie Province, Radom is the second-largest city in the region next to Warsaw. It is located 100 km south of Warsaw. Access to the town is via three international links, from the border crossing at Chyzne, Barwinek, and Dorohusk. 

Activities and Attractions in Radom

Though Radom is less of a natural tourist destination, it is a place worth visiting, thanks in part to its medieval churches and historical buildings that say a lot about the fascinating history of the city. 

Radom has been hit with lots of changes over the years, both historically and politically. The most significant of them all is the workers’ demonstration in 1976 that gave birth to KOR (the most crucial opposition group of Polish workers). Check out the list of things to see and do here. 

1. Radom Village Museum

Located on the southwestern outskirts of the city, Radom Village Museum, otherwise known as Skansen Museum, has on display over 60 historic wooden buildings. 

The Church of St Dorota from Wolanow is considered the oldest of the buildings, dating back to the mid 16th century. The interior will catch the eye of any designer. The church has beautiful baroque trompe l’oeil paintings.

Besides, the village is home to windmills, a courthouse, a sawmill, and several historical buildings such as meeting hall, an apiary, forges, manor houses, and so much more. All these structures and exhibits are sure to wow you. 

A tour of the village takes visitors through the fascinating history of the city, its inhabitants, and architecture. The museum hosts special cultural events and celebrations throughout the year. If you’re keen on attending any of the shows, be sure to check the website for the latest upcoming event. 

Radom Village Skansen

Silgrin4D Wikmedia Commons

2. Jacek Malczewski Museum

Jacek Malczewski Museum is yet another museum that merits a visit. Located in the heart of the city, this top museum is housed in the colorful former college for the Piarist order from 1756. The museum was built to honor Jacek Malczewski, a popular symbolist painter, hence the name. 

On display are amazing pieces by Jacek himself, plus paintings from other top-notch artists including Wladyslaw Czachorski and Jozef Chelmonski. 

The exhibits are temporary but impressive to see. The archeology department has exhibits that date back to the Bronze Age. Other sectors worth seeing include the natural history section and the history department. 

Malczewski Museum Radom

Kubsson94 Wikimedia Commons

3. Kosciol Sw. Waclawa (Church of St Wenceslaus)

Church of St Wenceslaus prides itself on being the city’s oldest church. Built-in the 13th century, it is known as the city’s parish church. Certainly, this building has had its own fair share of a troubled history. 

During the Napoleonic Wars, the building served as an Austrian granary. It also served as a military warehouse during the Duchy of Warsaw and then in the 20th century, it was used as a detention center by the Russian. 

After the battles, the structure became a psychiatric hospital. However, it was made holy the second time around before hosting its first service in 1985. 

Church Waclaw Radom

4. Lucznik Arms Factory

Learn more about how weapons are being made at the Lucznik Arms Factory. Owned by the Polish defense ministry, the arms factory is responsible for producing weapons used by the armed forces in Poland including the army and police. 

In its earliest days, the factory also specializes in producing non-military equipment such as typewriters and sewing machines, but the production of all these equipment was discontinued in 2000. 

For safety purposes, Lucznik Arms Factory is usually inaccessible by visitors. However, visitors can admire the factory’s architecture from the outside. 

Lucznik Radom

5. Stary Ogrod

Built in the early 18th century, Stary Ogrod is the oldest public park in the city. Covering over seven hectares, the park is a great place to relax and unwind on a sunny day. 

The rivers, fountains, ponds and trees make it even more relaxing. Visit in spring to see some of the top flowers. The park’s beauty was partly dented in WWII when it was overrun by the German warehouse. 

It was quickly restored after the war but a more restoration job took place in 2014, which added a new bike path and promenades. Playgrounds and space for chess games were added as well. Cafes and restaurants sit close to the park and serve tasty local dishes. 

Stary Ogrod Radom

6. Resursa Obywatelska

Lavishly designed to host fundraising events for the Hospital of St. Kazimierz, the Resursa Obywatelska has a neoclassical architecture. Sitting on the top of the building are three statues of muses, known as Clio, Euterpe and Melpomene. 

Back in the days when the Resursa was at its peak, the hall played host to concerts, theatrical performances, balls and lots more. It was a lively entertainment center. 

Resursa Obywatelska radom

Voytek S Wikimedia Commons

7. Old Town

You don’t want to miss taking a stroll around the old town. Right in the heart of the old town is the main market square – a place that offers a perfect blend of both old and new worlds. Also, here you’ll find the city hall, which dates back to the 18th century. 

The best way to see the old town is to explore on foot. A walking tour brings you up close with ancient buildings such as the church of St. John the Baptist, founded by King Casimir the Great, the city hall and the recently remodeled castle walls. 

Another historic building is the Baroque Dom Gaski. Legend has it that the building was residence to Charles X Gustav of Sweden in the mid 16th century. In Radom’s Old Town, you can find buildings and many reminders of the fascinating history of the city. 

Old Town Radom

Witia Wikimedia Commons

8. Town Hall

The town hall sits on the north side of the square. At the moment, it is not functional because its offices were relocated to the spacious Palac Sandomierski just a few kilometers away. 

The first town hall which was built in the 14th century was destroyed in the early 18th century. Fortunately, a new town hall was built the same year its predecessor was demolished. The new design, just as you see it today, is the handiwork of Enrico Marconi, a popular Italian architect. 

Town Hall Radom

Rafał Terkner Wikimedia Commons

9. Dom Glogierow

This is yet another fascinating monument in Radom that shouldn’t be missed. The building’s breathtaking architecture is one of its major draws. 

Polish Senator Maciek Glogier built Dom Glogierow for himself. In order to get the job done, he had to assign the project to one of the finest architects at the time, Jozef Pius Dziekonski – an architect famed for his outstanding job and also the brain behind top churches and other monuments around the country. 

You can’t help but admire the outstanding works of architecture slammed on the building. For those who admire beauty and architecture, a visit to Dom Glogierow is a must.

Kamienica Glogierow Radom

10. Radom Air Show

The list of the top things in Radom will not be complete without mentioning the Radom Air Show. Radom becomes a hot spot for visitors when the largest air show in Poland takes place. 

The first event took place in 2000 and ever since it has gained the number one spot on the list of air shows in Poland. The show usually takes place every August at the city’s airport. The airport’s modern terminal building serves as a pilot training and military flight. 

The show is funded primarily by the Air Force. All the aircraft used for the air show will be visibly displayed ranging from fighter jets to helicopters and many more. 

At the event, you’ll see different aerobatics teams from different parts of the continent, putting their amazing skills to display. thousands of people troop to Radom to experience this one of a kind event. It is a show not to be missed by anyone in Radom as it features air displays from the best pilots in the Polis army. 

Air Show Radom

Radom is fast rising in ranks as a top tourist destination, thanks in part to its closeness to Warsaw. You’ll enjoy every moment spent here. If you’d like to get a feel of Radom, make sure you try to visit the places mentioned above.

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