10 Top Things To Do in Olsztyn

Olsztyn is the beatiful city located 176km from Warsaw. It is famous for being the capital of the Polish Lake District.

 The town contains a renowned cultural and academic center, a university, cinemas, theatres, cafes, and many more wonderful attractions besides. In this post, you will get the complete list of the top 10 things to do in Olsztyn. Read on for more!

1. Discover the city’s main attraction, Olsztyn Castle

    This well-maintained castle is the main attraction when visiting the beautiful town of Olsztyn. It was built during the years of 1346 – 1353. Olsztyn castle is located within the historic center and contains a fantastic courtyard, magnificent city views, and well-built walls.

     You can walk around the perimeter to enjoy the views of the eye-catching castle. Don’t miss to visit the historical complex inside – the Museum of Warmia-Mazuria. There are available for the visitors a gift shop and a café as well.

    Olsztyn Castle Warmia

    Zbikun Wikimedia Commons

    2. Find out the Historical St. James’s Cathedral

    You can include this Cathedral’s name on your to-do list of activities. This church was built in a gothic style and made of brick on a stone base. 

    The Cathedral has a three-nave, six-span, and a massive hall without a separate chancel. The tower of the church is remarkable for its rectangular pattern made up of a mix of red bricks and white painted walls. This is the most significant Cathedral in the city and is used for Catholic masses. 

    Cathedral Olsztyn

    Maciej Szczepanczyk Wikimedia Commons

    3. Visit the Beautiful Old Town

    The majestic entrance to Olsztyn’s Old Town is shown in an eye-catching gate structure, which is known as the Wysoka Brama. You can see an information board outside which has the history of the walled part of the city. The Old Town is the center of the Olsztyn cultural and social life. 

    During the summer season, most of the events are held in a place that is related to the Olsztyńskie Lato Artystyczne (Olsztyn Artistic Summer). The amphitheater of Czesław Niemen, the market places, fish market, and the attractive streets are located around the castle area. 

    The main Old Town Square is situated by cafes, bars, and restaurants. Also, you can visit a cozy hostel right on the gate to the Old Town. 

    Old Town Olsztyn

    Adam024 Wikimedia Commons

    4. Enjoy the Natural Beauty of Lake Ukiel

    It will be an awesome trip for you when you meet with the beautiful lake ducks, a variety of birds, and unknown green plants in the lake. Lake Ukiel is the biggest and deepest lake in Olsztyn.

     It is situated in the north-west part of the city among the uptown quarters of Dajtki, Gutkowo, and Linkusy. The shoreline of the charming water body is 22.5 km long; it creates many bays and peninsulas. 

    You can do many types of activities that are available around the lake, such as hiking, sports, and bird watching. The area offers high-quality bars, hotels, and restaurants. Also, you can make a trip there, visiting the beautiful municipal beach. 

    At this time, you can also visit the River Kortowka that is located between the lake and the railway track. This river is a popular visiting area for watching a variety of birds, black-headed gulls, nightingales nest, tufted ducks, etc.

    Ukiel Lake Olsztyn

    Mazaki Wikimedia Commons

    5. Visit the exciting Stefan Jaracz Theatre

     If you are a theatre lover, then you should visit this oldest theatre, which was built in 1925 with a typical grey symmetrical exterior. You can find it on the city’s Ulica 1 Maya Street. 

    This avenue has a stunning reputation in Poland; they offer weekly musical and theatrical performances throughout the year and also existing independent art projects by young artists. 

    Jaracz Theatre Olsztyn

    6. The largest park in Olsztyn, Podzamcze Park

    This park is located in the Old Town on the Lyna River, around the remains of the old city walls. It will be worth visiting at any time of the year, be it the summer or spring. 

    You will love to be among the lush green nature and wildflowers and the incredible beauty of the chestnut trees, maples, and alders. During autumn, the view is made spectacular with the trees’ colorful foliage. 

    This is an all-time favorite area for locals and tourists as well. The fountains and walking paths are being improved, and new lanes, bike paths, and footbridges all are available in this park to enjoy a lovely visiting time.

    Podzamcze Park Olsztyn

    7. Enjoy the Fish Market in Olsztyn

    The city’s fish market is a small square located off the Stare Miasto. It is surrounded by lively bars and high-quality restaurants. 

    You can also visit the Monument of Saint James, a sandstone figure that is holding a bronze stick. It is a beautiful place to take a drink in the evening without seeing any fish!

    Fish Market Olsztyn

      8. The renowned High Gate

      You can discover the famous High Gate (also known as the Upper Gate), and this is a giant Gothic structure towering over the tenement houses in Olsztyn.

       It was built during the 14th century (renamed to the High Gate in the 19th century) and remains the only gate preserved out of the three original defensive walls around the town. The gate is located in the north-east region of the Old Town. It is still today one of the most symbolic constructs remaining in all of Olsztyn.

      High Gate Olsztyn

      Nol Aders Wikimedia Commons

      9. Taste local beer at Browar Warmia

      Warmia Brewery Bar is famous for locally crafted beer; it is the best place in Olsztyn. The spot is so amazing, located by the river, across from the door to the Old Town and overlooking Castle Park. 

      The restaurant offers a relaxing quiet environment where you can stay to enjoy the Warmian beer and some of the delicious Polish food after a tour of the brewery.

      Browar Warmia Olsztyn

      10. The Classic Port Restaurant

         If you have a high budget to expend on your trip, then don’t forget to taste the four-star hotel’s unforgettable experience! The Port Restaurant is amazing and perfectly organized for all types of occasions. It is located in the lovely Ukiel Lake. A blend of nice flavors’ attractive arrangements, and a peaceful atmosphere, you will gain all of these things and more when visiting here.

        Not finish yet! You can also visit the Aura Centre in Olsztyn, which has over a hundred shopping and dining options and a modern style Helios cinema with eight screens.

        Port Restaurant Olsztyn

         Lastly, you can discover the hidden and most precious treasures of Olsztyn city when you visit. Olsztyn is waiting with all kinds of entertainments for you and your family! So, enjoy your holiday!

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          Thanks for this post on the beauty of Poland, my family and I went for a vacation at Olsztyn last year and we went to visit some old beautiful town in there and trust me it was really a time worthwhile , when we were there I discovered some sites needs reconstruction and i think if they do it will really makes the town more beautiful,thanks 

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