Royal Castle in Checiny, Poland

It’s not a secret that Poland has countless magnificent castles and palaces. Though some of them are not in the best shape due to a lack of investments, they still deserve attention. From the largest Malbork castle in the world, fairytale palace in Moszna, to beautifully towering on hills castle in Checiny, Poland has it all. Ready for the journey back in time?

When mad kings and capricious monarchs sat on the thrones surrounded by mighty castle walls. Then keep on reading to discover what Checiny castle has to offer.

This castle is unique in many ways, and if you choose to drive a car on route number 7 connecting Krakow and Warsaw, you will be enchanted by the view of the castle rising high on the hills up to the sky.


The Royal Castle in Chęciny was erected on the rocky hill on the initiative of Wenceslaus II, king of Poland and Bohemia. Interestingly, during the reign of Casimir, the Great castle became one of Poland’s most powerful fortresses. No one was able to conquer the castle for almost 250 years.

Another exciting bit is that at the end of the fourteenth century, the basement of the stronghold was converted into a royal prison for nobility and high-ranking prisoners of war. Over the following centuries, particularly during the reign of Queen Bona, the fortress declined and was conquered in 1607 for the first time in history.

In its history, the castle was conquered several times over many years. One of the most devastating invasions occurred on April 1, 1657, carried out by the Swedish, Cossack, and Transylvanian troops during the Deluge. After the Third Partition of Poland, the castle began to fall into ruin. The primary conservation works started in 1948-1949 when castle towers were renovated, and successive security works were carried out.

Today castle is a permanent ruin; however, visitors have access to the castle treasury, the inner part of the stronghold, and two towers from which you can admire the picturesque panorama of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship.

Visiting Castle

Once you park up your car, you will have to climb through the forest until you reach the castle. The walk is pleasant, and you have two options, you can either choose the steep path or a wide paved road decorated with wooden carvings of the rulers.

The climb is neither long nor difficult from either side. Give yourself an hour to explore this beautiful castle in the backdrop of small villages. It could be crowded during the weekends so you might want to visit it in the middle of the week. Visitors stumble upon handmade souvenirs that add to the charm.

But the best part is to climb up the tower and admire the region’s panorama. If you’re medieval events lover, you should tour the castle at night. There are organized dances with a fire show and various medieval traditions. By the burning fire, you will listen to legends and stories, which will turn out to be an unusual experience in the night scenery.

I recommend the royal castle in Chęciny to families and everyone traveling in the vicinity of Kielce. This short and exciting break will remain in your memory for a long time!

For opening hours and ticket prices, click here.

Getting there

The castle is in the town of Checiny- on the top of a very steep hill. My tip is to drive as it makes it much more convenient. You can get to the town of Checiny from Kielce by bus line 31 or by suburban transport.

If you pay a visit to the castle, you might want to stop for a lovely coffee in the Checiny town, tour the mysterious Paradise Cave, or go to see Ethnographic Park in Tokarnia. Then you will not miss the best gems of the region.

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