5 Reasons To Visit Warsaw

Earn a lot of wonderful experience, enjoyment, and an opportunity to explore your dreams when visiting this historical city – Warsaw, the capital of Poland. 

The old town, Warsaw, is exceptionally gorgeous for its different types of natural resources and historical monuments. Let’s explore the 5 fabulous reasons to visit Warsaw!

1. A Great Place to Learn History

At the beginning of the 20th century, Warsaw was thriving; back then, it was even called ‘the Paris of the North’ by the Soviets. However, the history of the Polish capital soon took a much darker turn.

In 1939 – Nazi Germany attacked Poland and bombed Warsaw deeply. Back then, over half a million people in Poland were Jews. 

Hitler herded them into what was known as the Ghetto of Warsaw from which they were taken to concentration camps.

From 1943 to 1944 – The Jews rebelled; however, their protests were muted, and the Warsaw ghetto district was basically crushed. Only a church and a few walls were left.

 In 1944, Warsaw saw another significant local uprising, which was defeated too as the Germans retook the city and demolished it.

 Around 7,00,000 people died during this time. You can visit the remains of the Warsaw ghetto to learn its history in detail.

In 1955 – The Warsaw Pact came after the war; it was a military partnership to counterbalance the power of rising NATO. 

Countries in the Warsaw Pact required the Soviet Union and seven Soviet satellite states of Central and Eastern Europe.

In 1989 – During this year, the appearance of Warsaw was mostly changed by the Soviet existence. 

The large housing projects were developed, the streets were made more prominent, and attractions like Stalin’s Palace of Culture and Science were created.

Monument Warsaw

2. Discover Beautiful Old Town

It is so true that you can notice now a completely rebuilt Warsaw town after WWII – even though it is still known as “the Old Town.” 

Poland has seventeen UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites, and Warsaw Old Town is the most captivating. The city is famous for:  

Poland’s Presidential Palace: The Presidential Palace at number 46/48. The mysterious fenced-off building is guarded by stone lions and stern-looking soldiers.

 In front of the building, you can see the heroic Polish Army Commander Jozef Poniatowski’s statue. 

There is also the popular attraction of Poland’s Presidential Palace, which is the venue for protests, public demonstrations, and speeches.

 Historical Castles: If you are waiting to discover ancient castles, then the castles of Warsaw are perfect for you. 

The Royal Castle was the seat of Polish monarchs. The Castle now holds the Royal Castle Museum, which has magnificent pieces of oriental carpets and decorative artworks on display.

 Copernicus Science Centre: You can recognize a stylish building behind the Wisla River, which is one of the most innovatively created science museums in Europe. 

This is a remarkable place where everyone can enjoy, learn, and earn knowledge. 

Warsaw Old Town

3. The Green City Warsaw 

You will be amazed to know that Warsaw contains many beautiful gardens, parks, and various types of green spaces for visiting. 

Take a long walk through the Royal Baths Park (also known as Lazienki Park) and enjoy the incredible beauty of peaceful nature. 

Why are you not visiting the University of Warsaw? The entire rooftop of the library is covered in greenery! It’s truly spectacular. 

Saski Park: Saski Park or the Saxon Garden is located in the city center between Pilsudski Square and Marszalkowska street, 1 km away from the Old town. 

This beautiful garden was renovated with more attractions and now offers 21 baroque statues along the main avenue of the garden. 

It is a baroque garden in the French style, situated next to the royal Saxon Palace and the first public park in Warsaw

Lazienki Park (Royal Baths Park): Lazienki Park is the largest park in the small city of Warsaw, Poland. It is located only a 10-minute bus ride away from the main square. 

You can enjoy many amazing views upon visiting: there is a splendid lake, a statue of Chopin, a vast pond, wide gardens, a café, and many different walks to go on. 

The Lazienki Park is a haven for peacocks strutting around the Palace and the Theatre. It is also famous for squirrels, and you can give them a few nuts to eat. It’s a wonderful experience! 

Wilanow Park: The park consists of a 45-hectare area and adjoins the Wilanow Palace. Discover a two-level baroque Italian garden that extends from the palace down to the lake. 

You can visit the south to explore the Anglo-Chinese design. The northern section has a classical English landscaped park. 

There is also a gorgeous Neo-Renaissance rose garden for you to enjoy. Remember, you can enter the park until the last 30 minutes before closing time. 

Lazienki Palace Warsaw

 4.The Colorful Culture of Warsaw 

Don’t forget to know about Warsaw’s culture! There are countless vibrant festivals, events, galleries, theatres, and more to please your eyes. The city is home to 30 theatres and 60 cinemas.

The Royal Garden of Light: It will bring to you a plethora of excitement and enjoyment! The Royal Garden of Light is the most spectacular festival in Warsaw

It is located in the gardens of a Baroque Royal Palace called the Polish Versailles.

The Wilanow festival is an incredible open-air exhibition with thousands of diodes forming tunnels, installations, sculptures, and trees. 

The decorations are accompanied by classical music and mappings on the fort façade. If you are a classical music lover, then it will be an awesome activity for your amusement.

 The Chopin Museum: The Chopin Museum is an appealing destination for kids, adults, and mostly for music lovers. 

It is a moderately new museum, which was completely rebuilt for the 2010 Chopin Year Celebrations. This musical museum within the Baroque Ostrogski Palace showcases Poland’s most famous composers’ activities.

You can spend your time exploring the exclusive four floors of displays. The history & culture of Old Warsaw and Paris are the central romanticism of the Chopin Museum center. 

They allow only limited visitation for each hour. You can book the tour in advance here.

Chopin Museum

5. Discover Best Restaurant, Bar, & Café: 

Warsaw cuisine contains the city’s real flavor full of diversity and energy. 

You can enjoy the best restaurant food or local desserts or eat your breakfast sitting on the grass – everything is possible to make your dream come true. 

Get an idea about a few delicious food items in Warsaw, such as Pierogi (Polish dumplings), Rosół (broth/ chicken soup), Golabki (cabbage roll), Polskie Nalesniki (Polish pancakes), local desserts W-Z cake, organic Ice-cream, etc. 

Amazing Café Pyzy Flaki Gorace: The primary specialty of this restaurant is to serve food in a jar; they give a modern look to the traditional pierogi. 

Also, you can get a small mason jar with the pierogi. A variety of delicious flavors are available in this café, which has the best pierogi in Warsaw.

BIERHALLE Restaurant: Bierhalle is situated in 6 locations in the city and one in Warsaw’s main streets where they provide a traditional feeling with their services. 

The waiting staff dress in traditional countryside costumes and decorate the tables with blue and white checked tablecloths. 

You can order all types of Polish dishes to soak up your two-pint stein of beer. The price of a liter of Pilsner is 22PLN, and a bottle of Prosecco is about 14 dollars.

The Alchemist Gastro Pub: They are located in the heart of the city and a 2 minute walk away from the Old Town, by the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier & the National Theatre. 

This pub provides the best customer service in the city, excellent quality Polish craft beer, allergy menus, gluten-free beer, and also offers specialized care of dietary intolerances. 

 A great taste of Poland’s chocolate: This is an exclusive surprise for you! Don’t forget to take a delicious taste of ‘Warsaw (Blackcurrant and Pernod)’ chocolate, which provides an unforgettable sweetness in the mouth!

 The best time to visit this city is between June and August; however, you can embark upon a trip at any time of the year, which is waiting with a lot of surprises for you. Now the time is yours!

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    What a fascinating guide to such a beautiful city. How amazing that Warsaw and its people have maintained their vibrancy through several occupations of European powers.  I’m totally in love with all the historical architecture and terraced housing – I could wander the streets all day just soaking up the sights.

    I’m definitely putting Warsaw on my bucket list, although I hope to get to see this great city long before then.  Does Warsaw offer guided tours of all the historic and significant buildings?

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    I so much enjoy the atmosphere of old historic buildings and environments, I shoes what the natural and undiluted human capabilities really means. The 5 reasons you’ve stated are really worth it, for history lover like me, I’d like to visit Warsaw. Thanks for sharing this informative article, it’ll be able to make people see the beauty of Warsaw.

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