• Warsaw Royal Castle
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    The Royal Castle in Warsaw

    If you are a seasoned European traveler, odds are you’ve visited many architectural sights, monuments, and historic landmarks that not only take you back to the time of old but also feature state of the art interior and unique architecture. The Royal Castle in Warsaw is no different. A tour of the castle helps you appreciate the rich Polish history it preserves.  The Royal Castle is one of the most popular buildings in Warsaw’s Old Town. Renowned for being the former residence of the royal family in Poland, the castle was completed destroyed during the Second World War. The structure you see today was rebuilt in the ’70s and ‘80s.…

  • 48 Hours in Warsaw
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    48 hours in Warsaw

    Are you lucky enough to have a stopover in Warsaw? 48 hours in Warsaw can be enough to see the most significant places in Poland’s capital. At the end of your weekend escapade, you will have more than enough reasons for a return trip. Warsaw is a perfect European destination for a weekend getaway with literally hundreds of things to see and places to go. If you try to visit as much sight as possible on such a short visit, you will be disappointed. Here’s our top suggestion during your 48-hour stay in Warsaw. Day 1 Palace of Culture & Science Start off your day’s tour with a stunning view…

  • Best Museums in Warsaw
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    5 Best Museums in Warsaw

    What better way to learn about the rich history and culture of a particular destination than by visiting a museum? In Warsaw, you’ll find a handful of inspiring museums which gives visitors a chance to learn more about all that there is to know about the city and Poland in general.  So if you’re in Warsaw and thinking of the best places to visit, check out the five best museums in the capital of Poland that will take you back in time.  1. Warsaw Uprising Museum  This is one of Warsaw’s most historically significant museums. Dedicated to the departed souls who stood up against the Nazis during Warsaw Uprising in…

  • Warsaw's Old Town
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    Exploring Warsaw’s Old Town

    Warsaw’s Old Town is a fascinating travel destination. Take a break from the stress of city life; this quaint district never ceases to amaze visitors with its ever-busy squares, serene alleyways, great attractions, and rich history. The town square plays host to events, festivals and open-air galleries during the summer months. The Old Town is unarguably the most scenic part in Warsaw. No talks about Poland’s history would be complete without mentioning the significant role of Warsaw’s Old Town. Ever since its existence, the area has been bustling with cultural life, and it has continued to do so even till this present day. Visit this lovely district to explore the…

  • Czapski Palace in Warsaw
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    Czapski Palace in Warsaw

    The Czapski Palace, also called the Krasiński or Raczyński Palace, is located at Krakowskie Przedmieście 5 in Warsaw. It was built in the years 1680-1705 in the Baroque style for Primate Michał Radziejowski. History The history of the palace dates back to the first half of the 17th century, when in its place was the wooden court of Alexander Ludwik Radziwiłł Marshal of the Great Lithuanian. In 1654, after the death of the founder, the court came into the possession of his son Michał Kazimierz Chancellor and Lithuanian Field Hetman.  However, he managed to erect the foundations of a stone house before his death in 1680. A year later, the…