11 Best Bech Towns in Poland For a Relaxing Vacation

If you’re looking for the best beaches in Poland, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the towns that are best for a summer beach vacation. From Sopot to Hel, these towns have it all – great beaches, wonderful weather, and plenty of activities to keep you busy. So pack your swimsuit and sunscreen and get ready for some sun and sand!

1. Gdansk

Gdansk-Best Beach Towns in Poland

Gdansk is one of the best beach towns in Poland. The Baltic coast town has long been a popular destination for tourists looking to enjoy the sun and sand.

However, Gdansk is much more than just a beach town. The town is also home to a number of historical attractions, including the well-preserved Old Town.

Visitors can also enjoy the many restaurants and shops that line the streets. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing beach vacation or an action-packed holiday, Gdansk is the perfect destination.

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2. Sopot

Soot-Best Beach Towns in Poland

Sopot is a tourist town on the Baltic Sea. Together with nearby cities: Gdynia and Gdańsk, it forms over one-millionth of the Tri-City agglomeration.

It has enjoyed great fame since 1961, from the moment when the Sopot Opera Festival started to organize song competitions at the Forest Opera which happens every year now.

In summer, the city attracts crowds of tourists from the country and abroad. Sopot is the smallest part of the Tri-City, but for visitors, it can be a great starting point to visit nearby towns.

In the city itself, there is no lack of attractions for guests. The most popular place for walks is the Bohaterów Monte Cassino street (Monciak). Sopot have the longest wooden pier in Europe.

Admission in the summer is payable and the checkouts are located next to the entrance. During the walk, you can admire amazing views of the Baltic Sea.

Watching the sunset on the pier is a truly breathtaking experience. This is a fantastic holiday destination with sandy beaches, seaside attractions, an active night-life. This is one of the best beach towns in Poland and really worth it to visit!

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3. Miedzyzdroje

Miedzyzdroje-Best Beach Towns in Poland

Międzyzdroje is a well-known Baltic seaside resort. Because of the great tourist values of Międzyzdroje, they are called the Pearl of the Baltic.

The city boasts a wide beach with a cliff coast and a therapeutic microclimate. The air rich in iodine has a healing effect on many diseases, especially the respiratory system and the heart.

The resort is well-developed for tourists, has numerous guesthouses, hotels, bars, and restaurants. The surrounding Międzyzdroje National Park offers a unique landscape, and the city itself offers interesting culture and tourist attractions.

Międzyzdroje is also famous for the annual European Stars Festival taking place on the sidewalk of the Promenade of Stars where new handprints of filmmakers and celebrities appear every year.

Tourists who like sea trips can go on a cruise to Świnoujście. Międzyzdroje offers tourist attractions in the form of numerous cultural events.

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4. Hel

Hel, Best Beach Towns In Poland

It is surrounded on three sides by the Baltic Sea. Hel is the oldest city in the Puck District. The city is located at the very end of the Hel Peninsula.

Hel’s tourist values were noticed already in the 19th century when the first tourists began to come here for vacation. The long and wide beach of the Baltic Sea is a real paradise for those who love sunbathing, and the harbor here attracts amateurs of water sport.

Ships regularly depart from there to the Tri-City. One of the biggest attractions of the city is definitely the Lighthouse. The lighthouse is 41.5 meters high and the views from it are breathtaking.

A well-developed accommodation base with numerous hotels, guest houses, and private accommodation allow you to find accommodation in Hel with a varied standard.

It’s the perfect place for everyone who dreams about sea baths, walks on the sandy beach and romantic sunsets. The stay in Hel will provide an unforgettable holiday experience.

Every tourist will find something interesting here and certainly will not be bored. The recreational and leisure values of this place attract thousands of tourists every year.

 5. Kolobrzeg

Kolobrzeg-Best Beach Towns in Poland

Kolobrzeg is known as an extensive sea bath and spa. It is located in Western Pomeranian Voivodeship at the mouth of the Parsęta River.

In the Parsęta estuary, there is a well-known Kolobrzeg seaport. It performs the functions of a commercial port, a fishing port, a passenger and a yacht port. One of the interesting coastal buildings is the lighthouse, which was created after the end of hostilities in 1945.

It is worth taking a walk along the 220-meter long pier in Kołobrzeg. The city is also a local cultural center. Summer abounds in many other artistic activities. Due to the city’s great popularity, many routes have been prepared for visitors, encouraging taking walks and exploring the area.

Kołobrzeg is a city on the Baltic Sea which is an ideal place to relax for people fascinated by beautiful architecture and sightseeing of monuments as well as for those who appreciate the sound of waves and the beauty of the marine nature.

6. Leba

Leba-Best Beach Towns in Poland

Łeba is an extremely popular holiday resort on the Polish coast. The location of the city is already interesting. Łeba lies in the central part of the coast, between the Baltic Sea and the Łebsko and Sarbsko lakes.

Leba is surrounded by water on three sides, it is also adjacent to the Słowiński National Park, which is considered a world biosphere reserve. Łeba was founded in the 10th century as a fishing village.

The city still has a fishing character and is one of the nicer places on the Polish coast. It is one of the cleanest regions in Poland. Łeba has a richly developed accommodation and catering base.

Water sports enthusiasts will also find it a perfect place for sailing and windsurfing. Beautiful surroundings are good for horse riding and cycling. You can also go on a cruise on the Baltic Sea.

It is also worth visiting the neighboring Łeba Sowiński National Park to see the famous mobile dunes. Łeba, a charming seaside town, one of the cleanest places in Poland. You can rest here, breathe in the clean air and enjoy sea baths.

7. Swinoujscie

Swinoujscie-Best beach Towns in Poland

Świnoujście is a large tourist town on the Baltic Sea. Świnoujście, apart from the incredible tourist attractions, is a city with a rich history and tradition.

There are 44 islands here, of which three Wolin, Uznam and Karsibór are inhabited, and the remaining ones are small, uninhabited islands. On the island of Usedom, you can find most of the spa and tourist facilities.

The Wolin Island functions as an industrial area. The island of Karsibór is connected to Wolin Island by the Piastowski Bridge. The biggest tourist attraction of Świnoujście is the highest on the Baltic Sea and one of the world’s highest lighthouses.

Its height reaches 68 m and you can admire the magnificent panorama of the sea and the surrounding towns. Near the lighthouse is Gerhard’s Fort, which is a remnant of the nineteenth century Sea Fortress being an element of the coastal defense.

The big advantage of the city is the reaching up to 100 meters wide beach, which is a real paradise for enthusiasts of sunbathing and walking along the sea.

In Świnoujście, in the summertime, there are many cultural events, concerts, and festivals. Świnoujście is the center of entertainment and leisure and everyone’s going to find something to do here.

8. Ustka

Lena-Best Beach Towns in Poland

Ustka is a small seaside resort located at the mouth of the river Słupia to the Baltic Sea. It is a town with the status of a health resort.

There is a possibility of taking advantage of numerous rehabilitation treatments and various massages. In the town famous for its beautiful beaches, there are numerous monuments and architectural gems.

Ustka offers numerous attractions and interesting ways of spending time. It is worth visiting the lighthouse located at the seaside promenade. There is also a port and three piers nearby, which may be surprising for such a small town.

When visiting this famous fishing town, it is almost necessary to head to one of the regional gastronomic points and taste fresh fish caught by local fishermen.

9. Jastarnia

Jastarnia-Best Beach Towns in Poland

Photo Credit: Adam Ziaja – Wikimedia Commons

Jastarnia is one of the most beautiful villages on the Polish coast. Located in the center of the Hel Peninsula, Jastarnia is a well-known holiday resort.

Jastarnia has an unusually interesting urban layout, captivating narrow streets in the city center with elements of Kashubian construction, giving this place a unique character.

Water sports enthusiasts will find a wide range of attractions in Jastarnia. The local waters create opportunities for windsurfing, there are schools for this discipline and the possibility of renting various types of water equipment. Jastarnia is one of the most attractive places on the Polish coast.

10. Mielno

Mielno-Best Beach Towns in Poland

Mielno is one of the most popular holiday resorts on the Baltic coast. It’s most valuable assets include clean water and beaches, sand dunes, the wonderful seaside lake Jamno, and a specific microclimate.

However, it is not them that attract hundreds of thousands of tourists each summer. The biggest magnet, especially for young people, is the entertainment character of this place.

In the area of Mielno, there are numerous hiking and cycling tourist trails that abound in interesting landscapes. Tourist attractions, a richly expanded accommodation and catering base means that Mielno is willingly visited by tourists from all over the world.

11. Rewal

Real-Best Beach Towns in Poland

Rewal is a coastal town, which until 1945 had the German name Rewahl. Just after the war, the name was changed to Pamiątkowice, however, over time, it was renamed back to Rewal and it has remained so until today.

It is worth knowing that the first tourists started visiting this seaside town in the 19th century. Rewal attracts a lot of tourists every year because you can find very beautiful beaches there.

The sand on them is very soft and has a beautiful white color. Many people value this place for the peace that prevails there even in the summer.

An undoubted attraction of this seaside town is also a very popular viewing platform. It is located directly by the sea and we can admire the panorama of the Baltic Sea, as well as the surrounding of this seaside town.

Rewal is a place where many adults will find places to relax. However, there are also many attractions for children. If you do not want to meet real crowds during your holidays by the Polish sea, a visit to Rewal is a great solution.


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    Wow! Oh..my..God! I am such an outdoor person who could spend whole days at the beach, I so much love the tides of the oceans and the beauty of the waves of the ocean. I am an adventurer for the good part and I have been looking to explore the country of my favorite football star, lewandowski. I think I will prefer to visit the Jastarnia first and it would be a good set for a vacation going by the highlights in the post about it.

    • Bartosz

      Hi darrickramos, thanks for stopping by. It is a really great idea to explore the country of Lewandowski. I’m his fun too. Jastarnia is a fantastic choice, unique place on Hel Penisula. I suggest you to come here in the summer and enjoy lovely weather.
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    I must commend you for taking your time to share this article because you must have done a lot of research. This is a thorough and an awesome article on beach towns in Poland. I have never been to Poland but I have been thinking of going there on vacation, so this article has given me an insight of what to expect at the beach towns. 

    • Bartosz

      Hi Dhayours, thanks for your comment. Poland is a vast country with a long coast, you will find here clean beaches and a lot of interesting places. I hope my post will direct you to one of these awesome locations.
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    Thank you for writing this post about the best beaches in Poland. I had no idea there were so many beautiful beaches there. It’s so interesting to learn more about them, their history, the entertainment there and the main attraction. I hope tourists and locals take care of the beaches and keep them clean, which usually doesn’t happen in the beaches in my country and the sea pollution is a big issue here. I have never been to a beach by the Baltic Sea, but if I ever have the change, I will go to the ones in Poland, specially Miedzyzdroje and Mielno. 

    I will surely read more of your articles and learn more about Poland. 



    • Bartosz

      Hi Mariana, thanks for your comment. I’m glad you enjoyed my post. Miedzyzdroje or Mielno is a good idea. I spend a great time in Miedzyzdroje a couple of years ago. Mielno has entertainment character but is a great option too. Wherever you decide to go I’m sure you will enjoy it.
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  • Josie

    The beaches in Poland look so very different to the ones we have here in Australia! Our beaches here are very overcrowded and often unenjoyable! Which beach would you suggest would be best for a quiet afternoon laying on the sand reading a book, with the least number of people around?

    • Bartosz

      Hi Josie, thanks for your comment. If you don’t want to meet real crowds Rewal is the best choice. A great quiet place to relax.
      All the best

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