Goluchow Castle in Poland

The Gołuchów Castle is a real gem in Poland, which must be visited. An ideal place for a family weekend outing. The castle and park complex in Goluchow is today considered to be the most beautiful in Poland, and at the same time, it is still undiscovered for mass tourism.


The Gołuchów Castle is a must-see when visiting that region of Greater Poland. It is a building with over 400 years of history. Around 1560, the defensive court was built by voivode Rafał Leszczyński. Then his son Wacław transformed the building into a magnate residence.

The most significant events in the history of the castle took place in the 19th century. In 1853 Tytus Dzialynski (the owner of the castle in Kornik) bought the castle for his only son Jan. Soon after, Jan Działyński married Izabella, daughter of Prince Adam Czartoryski, leader of faction Hotel Lambert. Izabella transformed the residence into a French Renaissance-style castle (richness of details). She brought artists from there: architects, sculptors, and painters.

Besides, she created a museum in the castle that operated until the outbreak of World War II. It contained various works of art, including antique Greek vases.

The last reconstruction took place in the 1950s after the building was taken over by the National Museum in Poznań. In the years 1939–1951, the castle was partially destroyed, to restore its splendor it was necessary to carry out numerous conservation and restoration works.

Currently, the castle operates a branch of the museum with a vibrant exhibition including, among others, rare furniture, tapestries, and Renaissance European painting. Some of the exposed furniture is part of the original equipment of the facility.

Castle Architecture and Interiors

The architectural integrity of the building can be a bit confusing – the consistent style suggestive of the French Renaissance is actually the result of three reconstructions. Only the cellars, belvedere foundations, and three towers visible from the courtyard perspective remained from the original stronghold. 

Interestingly, Izabella Czartoryska did not arrange interiors at all to live here; she was spending most of her time in her beloved Paris. It was here that the space for her private museum was to be created. The countess was a recognized collector of antiques and works of art in Europe, and her biggest dream was to allow admiring them also to others.

Original, antique architectural elements, acquired by Izabela Dzialynska née Czartoryska, were integrated into the castle decoration in antique shops in Europe. These are late Gothic and Renaissance fireplaces, portals, shutters, etc.

You can still admire the recovered part of the collection at the castle, which was collected by Izabella Czartoryska.
She left her posterity quite an extensive collection of paintings, furniture, but most of all, antique vases collected by her husband Jan Działyński. 

Besides, to secure the collections, she established the Ordination of the Czartoryski Princes in Gołuchów. It went on until the Second World War, when in September 1939, the collection was robbed by the Nazis. Many exhibits were lost forever or were destroyed, but fortunately, in 1956, some of them were recovered from USRR. 

Visiting Castle 

Inside, you can see several chambers, including bedrooms, dining rooms, vase exhibitions, paintings. The castle impresses with its original ceilings, material-covered walls, fireplaces, and furniture. It is worth paying attention to the photos of the interiors of the castle from before the war, placed in almost every room viewed.

Tourists visit the castle not only for great interiors but also for walks in the landscaped park, which has an area of ​​162 ha. Unusual, exotic species of trees, such as Greek fir and Himalayan pine, grow on its territory.

Walking through its paths and looking at the unusual castle, you can really feel like in the Loire Valley. In addition to historic avenues of trees, beautiful ponds, and bridges, you can visit the Forestry Museum and the Animal Show Farm

Opening Hours 

From October 1 to April 30

  • Mon closed 
  • Tue- Fri 9.00 – 16.00 
  • Sat-Sun 10.00 – 16.00 

From May 1 to September 30 

  • Mon closed 
  • Tue – Sat 10.00 – 16.00 
  • Sun 10.00 – 18.00

    Ticket Prices 

    • Regular 12 PLN 
    • Reduced 8 PLN

    Getting There

    Gołuchów is located 20 km northwest of Kalisz. Route DK12 (Kalisz-Pleszew) runs through Gołuchów. The best option is to get here by car. There is a large, free car park and toilets.

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