Slowinski National Park and Moving Sand Dunes

Słowiński National Park is sometimes called the “Polish Sahara.” The characteristic elements of this place are the moving dunes forming one of the most beautiful desert landscapes in Europe. Filled with beautiful dunes, scenic lakes and a number of hiking paths, it’s the perfect spot for a weekend getaway in Poland.

Here are my top travel tips and suggestions for a weekend in this beautiful Polish destination. 

Moving Sand Dunes

Moving Sand Dunes

Vast moving dunes are among the best and most beautiful attractions in the Słowiński National Park. Who doesn’t love walking through sweeping sands and watching beautiful sunsets? You should check out the Lacka dune, which attracts crowds of tourists each year. 

From a 30 meter high dune, you can admire a beautiful endless desert landscape of white sand. Don’t worry, even in the summer season; it will not be crowded due to its vast size. It is worth going there from the early morning hours to have it all to yourself. 

How to get there? The entrance to the reserve is located in Rąbka, Łeba district, a small holiday village on the lake’s shores. You should be prepared for long walking, from the access point to the Lacka dune it is well over 5 kilometers. 

Don’t forget to take comfortable shoes plus a bottle of water with you. If you do not fancy walking, alternatively, you can hop on meleks (golf cart) or take a cruise ship which covers half of the entire route. However, I do recommend a walk or a bicycle ride; then you won’t miss anything. 

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Lake Lebsko 

Lebsko Lake PolandPaweł ‘pbm’ Szubert Wikimedia Commons

This large coastal lake is undoubtedly one of the best attractions of Slowinski National Park. On the way to the open-air Museum of the Słowińska Village in Kluki, you should consider heading to the Łebsko Lake. On the shore of the lake, you will find an observation tower from which you can catch a glimpse of the moving dunes. 

The observation tower is located about 1 km from Kluki. If you like wildlife and ornithology lover, then Lebsko Lake is the place to be. 

Open-air-Museum Kluki

Open-air Museum Kluki

In the park, you will also find one of the most charming Polish open-air museums in Kluki. You will see the characteristic half-timbered houses there covered with thatch on both sides of the main road. Thatched houses and wells with a crane are unfortunately only a few remnants of the Slovincians, a non-existent ethnic group that lived in these areas even after World War II. 

You should take a stroll around the village where time seems to have stopped. Also, be sure to pop-in to the museum where you will see the Fishing Magazine, Fisherman boats and other equipment. There are still a few furnished houses where we can see what the residents’ everyday life was like. 

This lovely village can be reached from Łeba by ships running across the Łebsko Lake. 


 Lighthouse Czolpino

Once you are done with the museum head to the village Czolpino which is famous for its lighthouse erected on the hill and the second most significant of the dunes-Czołpińska. Although Dune Czołpińska is less crowded than Łącka, you can meet there each day a large number of hikers. 

If you’re looking for a way to stay active while also looking at some beautiful views, give this trail a try. A forest trail marked in red leads to the dune, the route is quite easy and starts in the parking lot. You should reach the place in about 20 minutes. Crossing the entire dune can take you up to 30 minutes (one way). It is worth planning up to two hours for a visit (a walk forth and back). 

At the dune, you can climb up to the 19th-century lighthouse and catch panoramic views over the surrounding. The lighthouse is just about a kilometer away from the shoreline. You should consider heading to the Museum of the Slowinski National Park. The museum is located in the historical complex of the so-called Lighthouse Keepers from the 19-the century. 

You can find profiles of people associated with the sea, the natural values of the area, and the lighthouses’ history. Make sure to see the exceptionally precisely made models of animals in their natural environment. 

Walking and Cycling Routes

Slowinski National Park

Slowinski National Park is a perfect spot for cycling or hiking along the Baltic Sea. A large number of well-marked trails will take to the most beautiful scenery, from charming old villages, unique lakes to amazing vast dunes. The Slowinski National Park is a walker’s paradise, and there is something for everyone.

Where to stay in the Slowinski National Park?

One of the most famous hotels among tourists is the 4 star Neptun in Lebaopened in 1906. If you dream of relaxing from the bustling city life and spending time in nature, this luxurious castle might be something for you. In turn, the great location allows you to enjoy the nearby attractions of the Slowinski National park and Baltic Sea. 

Those who prefer more affordable accommodation will find a wide selection of guesthouses or holiday farms such as the agroturystyka hotel. Clean air, birds chirping in the morning, what more could you want? This lovely house is located at the end of the village and offers a beautiful view of the dunes. 

Are you afraid that you will be bored in the countryside? Nothing could be more wrong! It is up to you whether you spend your stay on an agritourism farm contemplating nature or taking active trips. 

Practical Info 

Slowinski National Park Ticket Prices

  • Regular: 7 PLN 
  • Reduced: 3.5 PLN 

Parking Admission

  • Czołpino Leśny parking: 2 PLN/1H
  • Parking Rabka: 6 PLN/1H 

Location and Getting There

Słowiński National Park is located in the Pomeranian Voivodeship on the Baltic Sea. The most popular towns within the park or in its vicinity are Łeba, Kluki, Smołdzino, Czołpino, Rąbka and Retowo. The seat of the SNS Administartion is in Smołdzino.

The easiest way to get to the park is to hop on the bus from Gdansk to Leba. Another option, recommended during the holiday season, is a train to Lębork and a further trip by railbus.

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