8 Best small towns in Poland

1. Sandomierz

Sandomierz is one of the best small towns in Poland, located in south-eastern part of the country. Sandomierz is sometimes called “little Rome” because like Rome, it is located on seven hills and both have a similar, turbulent history.

Tourists visiting Sandomierz can see a perfectly preserved medieval urban layout. Its former character is reflected in demonstrations of knights’ fights and renaissance dance organized during the tourist season.

In the Middle Ages, it was one of the royal cities of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland, and a trade route ran along this way. To this day, over 120 architectural monuments from various eras have survived in this town located on the Vistula river.

Sandomierz2. Klodzko

Kłodzko, the center of the region typical for tourism and recreation. It is the largest town of the Kłodzko Land – one of the most beautiful parts of south-western Poland, which is the capital of the historical county of Kłodzko.

It lies in the north-eastern part of the Kłodzko Valley, at the south-western foothills of the Bardzkie Mountains at an altitude of around 290-370 (MASL).

Kłodzko has preserved the perfectly shaped, complete and original urban layout of the medieval city which is closely adapted to the terrain and subordinated to the defensive role of the castle, and later to the fortress. Sometimes called “little Prague”, it is one of the oldest towns in Poland.

Klodzko3. Zamosc

Zamość, the pearl of the reinsance and town called “Padwa of the North” due to the beautiful renaissance old town.

Zamość town was founded by Jan Zamoyski – the grand chancellor of the Crown, who commissioned the Italian master and outstanding architect Bernardo Morando to design an ideal city – a fortress that aimed to protect the Zamoyski lands.

The historical centre of Zamość was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1992. The town is located in the southern part of the Lublin province. It is one of the largest cultural, educational and tourist centers of the province. Zamosc was recognized as one of the most wonderful urban complexes in the world.

Zamosc4. Kazimierz Dolny

Kazimierz Dolny is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful towns in Poland. The town enjoyed its splendor at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries, when it was a very important center of grain trade in the Małopolska region.

It was then that these beautiful Renaissance granaries and tenement houses that delight us today were created. Kazimierz Dolny is a picturesque town located on the Vistula River, which origins date back to the 11th century. It owes its name to the prince of Małopolska, Kazimierz Sprawiedliwy.

The adjective “Dolny” was added in later years to distinguish the settlement (in the lower reaches of the Vistula) from Kazimierz founded near Krakow (in the upper reaches of the river). On the Market Square, famous for its renaissance houses and the famous well, you can admire or buy pictures of local artists arranged on easels or listen to live music.

Kazimierz’s cafes and restaurants tempt with regional delicacies and liqueurs. It is said that whoever comes to Kazimierz Dolny once, will always come back!

Kazimierz Dolny5. Torun

Torun is called the Pearl of the North. It is the most attractive tourist center of the region and the most visited historical Polish town. Every year the number of visitors increases – currently it is over 2 million people.

In addition to Nicolaus Copernicus, Tony Halik and Zbigniew Herbert also come from here. Toruń was founded by the Teutonic Knights in 1231. The city has the largest, after Krakow, number of authentic monuments of art and Gothic architecture in Poland.

They are perfectly preserved. The Old Town complex and ruins of the Teutonic castle have been on the UNESCO list since 1997. Bustle on the streets, beautiful monuments and atmospheric restaurants hidden between tenement houses – these are just some aspects that attract you to one of the oldest Polish towns.

The most famous product produced in Toruń is gingerbread and you must try it!

Torun6. Chelmno

Chełmno is a historic and very interesting town located in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian voivodeship. It is difficult to resist the charm of this place where history has left a lasting impression in the form of unusual sacred and secular buildings that remember the times of the Teutonic Knights.

The medieval urban layout and most of the city walls have survived to this day. The renaissance town hall, one of the most valuable objects of this type in the region, makes the best impression.

The beautiful town of Chełmno delights so much with its beauty and is so liked that it has become the town of lovers.

Chelmno7. Gniew

Gniew is one of the most beautiful towns on the Vistula river. There are not many places in Poland where it seems that the time has stopped. Gniew is known throughout Poland for the magnificent Teutonic fortress with its characteristic four towers.

The Gniew castle is open to tourists, but it also has a luxury hotel. Gniew is a city that can be proud of the most valuable in the Pomeranian voivodeship and the largest complex of historic tenement houses.

The history of some of them dates back to the fourteenth century. Small towns such as Gniew have their charm, a unique fleeting atmosphere which is harder to feel in big cities, even with a hundred more monuments.

Gniew Poland8. Suprasl

Located 15 km from Białystok, the spa town of Supraśl invites tourists to its captivating climate. This small town located on the river with the same name, among the Knyszyńska Forest in the Białostocka Upland can be proud of the status of the spa, obtained in 1999. Supraśl encourages visitors to explore its unique aura.

The rich tradition, interesting culture and wonderful nature are the greatest assets of this place. The huge amount of attractions offered by the inhabitants of this town provides an unforgettable experience of staying in this corner of Podlasie voivodeship.

Numerous cycling, walking, horse-riding, kayaking and walking tours of the historic town guarantee a very pleasant way of spending free time.



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