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    10 Top Things To Do in Opole

    Opole Province is one of Poland’s most beautiful regions. It enchants visitors with its lovely spots include stunning lakes, ancient castles, and crystal clear river waters. Thousands of visitors, including those interested in history and culture, come to explore its historic buildings and monuments. Located just two hours from Krakow, and one hour from Wroclaw Opole is the principal city in the region with some of the finest photographic castles in all of Poland.  This area has plenty of attractions to keep you busy and entertained for at least 48 – 72 hours. Check out the top attractions and things to do in Opole.  1. Gorny Castle Poland has a…

  • Kopice Castle Poland
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    Kopice Castle Poland

    Palaces and castles both have something in common: they are the stuff of fairy tales connected to a slew of owners from times past. However, Poland is home to lots of these royal buildings, with a vast number in ruins. Once a powerful country in Eastern Europe, the country was shattered brutally by the 17th-century Swedish invasion, and the Second World War devastation caused by the Nazis. All these events led to varying degrees of ancient ruins in the country.  Many of these ruined grand properties are now getting the transformation of their lives. Some are transformed into museums where visitors can not only learn about Polish history but also explore…