• How To Get From Krakow To Auschwitz?
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    How To Get From Krakow To Auschwitz Easily – The Ultimate Guide

    If you’re planning on visiting the Auschwitz concentration camp, you’ll need to know how to get there. It’s not as difficult as it may seem – in this blog post, we will walk you through the steps of getting from Krakow to Auschwitz Museum. We’ll provide all the information you need, including transportation options and directions. So, whether you’re a first-time visitor or a seasoned pro, read on for all the details! Where is Auschwitz? The most important historical site in all of Poland, Auschwitz is a place that survived not just the Second World War but also time. It’s located near Oswiecim about 60 miles (100 kilometers) west of…

  • Auschwitz Liberation Day

    Auschwitz Liberation Day; The End of The Holocaust

    Auschwitz Liberation Day commemorates Nazi crimes worldwide. On January 27 in 1945, prisoners held captive by the Nazis in Auschwitz were liberated by the Soviet soldiers. What they found was fathomable. A pile of eyeglasses weighing over 80 pounds, hundreds of prosthetic limbs, thousands of kitchen utensils including pots and pans, human hair, and more than 40,000 pairs of prisoners’ shoes all make up some of the items found at the site. Most of the owners of these properties died, many murdered by the German forces in the Holocaust’s largest extermination and concentration camp. Even though the camp seemed abandoned by the Nazis, it was still filled with thousands of people…

  • Where is Auschwitz?
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    Where is Auschwitz?

    Do you love traveling to destinations that give you a better understanding of its rich history and culture? If you haven’t visited Auschwitz, it’s high time you did. It is the sort of place that shouldn’t be missed. If you’d like to bear witness to the dark, terrifying stories and atrocities that make this concentration camp an irreplaceable part of Poland’s history, be sure to visit in person. This is not the kind of place you feel excited visiting; however, you need to be prepared mentally and psychologically.  Overview Auschwitz is a concentration, and extermination camp set up by the Nazis during the Second World War. Between 1940 – 1945,…

  • How to Visit Auschwitz?
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    How to Visit Auschwitz?

    Auschwitz Concentration Camp is perhaps the most impressive memento of the horrors of the Holocaust in World War II. Within driving distance of Krakow, more than a million people, mostly Jews, were killed in a terrible way. After the war, the concentration camp became a symbol of the enormous crimes committed by the Nazi regime, a symbol of terror and genocide, and a grim reminder of what man is capable of. For people from all over the world, Auschwitz is an important reason to visit Krakow. About Auschwitz The Auschwitz concentration camp is located in the Polish town of Oświęcim. Auschwitz is a collective name for several concentration and extermination…