• Polish Winged Hussars 3
    Culture,  History

    The Polish Winged Hussars: A Legendary Cavalry Unit

    If you have ever been enchanted by a legendary tale of heroic warriors charging into battle while wearing mighty wings on their backs, then the story of the Polish Winged Hussars is one that you won’t want to miss. Join us on an epic journey where we take a deep dive into the mysterious and awe-inspiring history behind this powerful force – from its origins at the beginning of the 16th century to its decisive role in Poland’s many battles. So buckle up and get ready! Unraveling the mystery surrounding these magnificent medieval soldiers starts now! Introduction to the polish winged hussars & their role in polish history The Polish…

  • Auschwitz Liberation Day

    Auschwitz Liberation Day; The End of The Holocaust

    Auschwitz Liberation Day commemorates Nazi crimes worldwide. On January 27 in 1945, prisoners held captive by the Nazis in Auschwitz were liberated by the Soviet soldiers. What they found was fathomable. A pile of eyeglasses weighing over 80 pounds, hundreds of prosthetic limbs, thousands of kitchen utensils including pots and pans, human hair, and more than 40,000 pairs of prisoners’ shoes all make up some of the items found at the site. Most of the owners of these properties died, many murdered by the German forces in the Holocaust’s largest extermination and concentration camp. Even though the camp seemed abandoned by the Nazis, it was still filled with thousands of people…