Off The Beaten Path

There’s something about Poland that just seems to draw people in. Maybe it’s the history, or the culture, but whatever it is, there’s no doubt that this country has a lot to offer visitors.

While most people know about popular destinations like Warsaw and Krakow, there are plenty of hidden gems waiting to be explored throughout the rest of Poland.

Be sure to check out some of Poland’s smaller villages. These villages offer a glimpse into traditional Polish life and culture, and they’re definitely worth exploring if you have the time.

Here are some of our favourite places:

Rzeszów Best Things To Do

10 Best Things To Do In Rzeszow

Poland is a beautiful place filled with a lot of incredible destinations. In this country are destinations known only to a few travelers but worth exploring. Ditch the popular tourist destinations in the country – they are crammed with lots of foreign travelers. For a holiday experience that you’ll cherish in your heart till eternity,…

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paradise cave poland
Wadowice - Hometown of pope John Paul II

Wadowice – Hometown of Pope John Paul II

Wadowice is the birthplace of one of the most significant men in Poland’s history, Pope John Paul II, originally known as Karol Wojtyla. Here you will not only see his family home but also explore the church where he was baptized. Be sure to spend quality time exploring the museum built in his honor. The majority…

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Lower Silesia Poland

Exploring Lower Silesia Province

Poland welcomes millions of visitors annually but only a few thousands add a visit to Lower Silesia Province into their itinerary. That’s a pity. This region, in the southwestern part of Poland, has plenty of exciting things to see and do. The area has been at the crossroads of European cultures and conflicts for many…

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Krzemionki Mine Poland

Krzemionki – The Ancient Mine of the Polish Region

There is no other place on earth like Krzemionki – it is one of a kind. Krzemionki is renowned for being the best-preserved and largest monuments of ancient mining anywhere in the world. At this same location, over 5 millennia ago, people started the excavation of flint from limestone, an equivalent of a precious jewel-like…

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Sandomierz in Poland

Sandomierz in Poland – The Little Rome

Located on seven different hills, Sandomierz is one of the few genuine gems in Poland. This small town packs in enough points of interest for those looking for a perfect weekend escape spot.  It is two hours away from Lublin and Krakow and around three hours from Warsaw. Visitors to these famous cities may consider…

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Zalipie The Painted Village

Zalipe – The Painted Village

Located in south-eastern Poland, Zalipie is definitely one of the country’s most visited destinations by local visitors and foreign travelers – and for good reasons. While other destinations are famous for their luxury hotels, impressive attractions, and fantastic shopping, Zalipie has none of this. The village’s international recognition stems from its small wooden cottages, all…

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Kazimierz Dolny

10 Best Things To Do In Kazimierz Dolny

Kazimierz Dolny is a real pearl, one of the most valuable and charming places in Poland. It is also one of the most famous tourist destinations with over a hundred years of tradition.  In addition to tourism, Kazimierz is known for its connections with art. Many painters have their galleries and workshops here, as well…

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Lagow In Poland

The Pearl of The Lubusz Land-Lagow

The beautiful surroundings, historic architecture, and crystal water in the lake make this “gem” of the Lubusz Land a very attractive destination, especially for those who want a quiet vacation away from city crowds. Lagow is not a popular destination as Krakow or Warsaw but is without a doubt worth visit. History Here you can feel like in the…

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Chocholow In Poland

Chocholow In Poland

While staying in Podhale, it is worth visiting Chochołów, located about 20 km west of Zakopane. It is a large village located on the right bank of Czarny Dunajec between the hills. A road connecting Zakopane with Czarny Dunajec runs through the village.This place enjoys the constant popularity of tourists, regardless of the season. The…

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Bialystok Square

10 Top Things To Do In Bialystok

Have you ever traveled to a new destination and got stunned by its overwhelming beauty? This same feeling awaits when you go to Bialystok. Obviously, Bialystok is not as popular as other top cities in Poland such as Krakow or Warsaw, but don’t let that fool you. This city is small and unknown yet boasts…

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10 Top Things To Do In Lublin

Chances are you probably haven’t heard of Lublin, so to get you started on the right not, a little background on the city may be useful. Located in eastern Poland, this historic city was a prosperous trade center.  Despite being a lesser-known destination, Lublin is blessed with rich culture and traditions, thanks to its strategic…

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10 Top Things to Do In Szczecin

Szczecin is one of those cities that you rarely hear about. It’s not popular with visitors as Krakow or Gdansk, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting. Szczecin is a lovely port city, located on the Oder River. This polish city is steeped in history, which can be seen while taking a leisure stroll…

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Top 10 Things to do in Bydgoszcz

You’d be forgiven if you’ve never heard of this Polish city. Bydgoszcz is one of the lesser destinations to visit in Poland, but that doesn’t take it off the list of the best cities in Poland. Getting to its top attraction is easy and convenient. If you’re planning your next trip to Poland, map out…

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