• Miedzyzdroje Town Poland
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    Things To Do in Miedzyzdroje, Poland

    If Poland is on your bucket list, then visiting Miedzyzdroje is an absolute must! Located on the Baltic coast by far is the best place to explore the island, Wolin. You’ll be mesmerized by its scenic beauty. Miedzyzdroje is known as the land of long sandy beaches and the best hiking trails in the area.  While you won’t find any of Poland’s best tourist attractions here, Miedzyzdroje is worth a stop for its laid-back holiday atmosphere, beaches, and its avenue of stars. Find out our top spots that you need to see in Miedzyzdroje while you’re visiting the Baltic coast. Pier Matio Wikimedia Commons A top sight to see in…

  • Hel Peninsula
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    Hel Peninsula Poland

    The Hel Peninsula, located in the north of Poland is one of the most picturesque and unspoilt parts of the Baltic Coast. Lovely beaches, the water surrounding the peninsula on three sides, a pretty resorts and charming Kashubian villages make the Hel Peninsula the perfect holiday setting. Hel Peninsula Facts The Hel Peninsula begins in the vicinity of the village of Władysławowo, its width is approximately 300 meters, extending all the way to the town of Hel, which owes its name. In Hel’s vicinity, the width of the penisula is about 3 kilometers, but in the narrowest point, the Hel Peninsula is only 150 m. You will find here beautiful…