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    Interesting Facts About Nicolaus Copernicus

    Imagine a world where the earth is static. Many believed that the heavenly bodies, including the sun orbit the earth until Nicolaus Copernicus changed the narrative. This was clearly stated in his book, On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres, a publication that not only shook the earth and made people see the universe from a different perspective but also made the earth lose its privileged position. But first, who was Copernicus? Who Was Copernicus? Nicolaus Copernicus was a man whose legacy is still celebrated today. Right in the heart of Warsaw is an enormous statue of Copernicus sitting on a pedestal greeting, looking at the bronze model of his solar…

  • Teutonic Knight's Castle in Torun
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    Teutonic Knights’ Castle in Torun

    The castles have evolved, and their appearance has changed over the centuries. Poland is blessed with countless beautiful castles to admire, from medieval castles, baroque residences, fairy-tale palaces to magnificent ruins. Explore ancient ruins, discover mysterious remains, and learn the stories held within the walls of the Torun castle. History In the Chełmno Land, the Teutonic Order was building its first stronghold in Toruń in the mid-thirteenth century. On the plan of a closed horseshoe, a stone castle is made of stone and brick and a rampart and outer bailey around it. The castle was subject to constant expansion and modernization until the 14th century. Near the castle, there were…