• Tykocin Poland
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    A Day Trip to Tykocin, Poland – Things to See and Do

    If you plan to visit Bialystok, include Tykocin on your bucket list. Tykocin is a charming, historical, and even royal town in the Podlasie, picturesquely situated on the Narew River, slightly west of Białystok. This under-the-radar destination would be an excellent option for those who want to experience a smaller town that still remains authentic and unvarnished by hordes of tourists. Short History Tykocin in Poland is a small town that has not yet completely lost its former pre-war atmosphere of a Jewish city. You will find charming cobbled streets, beautiful wooden houses, brick residences, historical buildings, and an interesting history dating back to the 11th century when there was a fortified…

  • Kazimierz Dolny
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    10 Best Things To Do In Kazimierz Dolny

    Kazimierz Dolny is a real pearl, one of the most valuable and charming places in Poland. It is also one of the most famous tourist destinations with over a hundred years of tradition.  In addition to tourism, Kazimierz is known for its connections with art. Many painters have their galleries and workshops here, as well as open-air painting workshops. The uniqueness of Kazimierz is based mainly on the cultural richness and the tradition of painting. The town has a vast number of historic buildings and places made available to visitors, including sacred buildings, historic buildings of the Vistula Museum, and castle complex.  Kazimierz Dolny is even called the “pearl of…