Sopot Nightlife Guide: Best Bars & Clubs in the City

Renowned for being the heart of the Polish Riviera, Sopot makes up the Tri-City, along with Gdansk and Gdynia. When people visit Sopot, be it for a short stay or long vacation, one question that pops to their mind is: how does the nightlife in Sopot look like? 

Sopot boasts an energetic and vibrant nightlife. If you are in Poland for great summer fun, Sopot will treat you to a nice time filled with joy and merriment. The range of bars and clubs leaves vacationers and other revelers spoilt for choice. From punk to classic and electronic to more general music, Sopot nightlife will make you want to extend your stay, especially for those with limited vacation time. 

As for the unmarried folks, you will never feel lonely all through your stay in Sopot. Polish women are great companions and will always put a smile on your face. Spinsters looking for some flings with local guys will find something to be excited about. Are you gay or lesbian? Sopot nightlife has got you covered as some of the nightlife spots in the city are gay-friendly. 

With DJ dishing great songs all night long and people dripping with sweat on the dance floor, Sopot nightlife is something you shouldn’t miss. 

But which nightlife spot offers the most thrilling experience? Well, you’re about to find out. 

Best Bars in Sopot

For all its beauty, architecture, and tasty local cuisine and drinks, Sopot never fails to satisfy holidaymakers who just want to party. The good news is that nightlife here is relatively cheaper compared to other cities in Europe. It is a great weekend party destination for both locals and tourists alike. One of the major highlights of the hedonistic lifestyle in Sopot is the fact that there are many lovely pubs and bars scattered all over the city. 

Here is a highlight to some of the best bars for an unforgettable experience

1. Spatif

Partygoers and night owls will love Spatif as it is heralded as the city’s number one hang-out spot for everyone, including the creative mind. Creative writers and artists gather here to refresh their minds. Apart from the courteous staff members and people that come here to relax and unwind, several other things make Spatif special. 

The artistic interior décor adds to the charm. Upon entering the bar, find a spot right next to the window facing the pier and watch as the sun sets while sipping on your refreshing cocktails or bottle of beer. 

This good old-fashioned dive bar is a favorite option amongst locals. Expect to see a bit of live-action on the stage as locals take to the dancing floor at night. Great hang-out spot and wonderful location as it is sited at the foot of the Monte Cassino. 

2. Cocktail Bar Max

Located on Grudwaldzka and within proximity to the beach, Cocktail Bar Max lives up to its name as the best place in town to sample a wide range of delectable cocktails. You’ll be amazed at how skillful the bartenders are. Do you have a special kind of cocktail in mind? 

Don’t hold back; throw the request at them and watch as they fulfill your order within the shortest time possible, along with plenty of fresh fruit. These cocktails are not only tasty but also of higher quality and cheaper than those you will find in 5-star beach resorts. 

Cocktail Bar Max gets even busier and fully packed in the summer months. For a chance to secure a seating spot, find your way to the bar in the later afternoon before it gets crammed with people. 

3. 3 Sisters

This is one of the most unique types of bars in Sopot. Featuring a quirky interior with shoes and bottles hand from the ceiling, 3 Sisters, as the name implies, is owned and managed by three sisters, and it is a popular hang-out spot among locals. 

This is not just a bar but an attraction in itself because everything about the bar will leave you dumbfounded. Ancient communist-era furniture dots the space. Also, you’ll find a cluttered upstairs. Inside, it feels like a house party. On the menu, you will find the locals’ favorite – a homemade strawberry vodka. 

After a few bottles of drinks, go buggy down on the bar’s dance floor. Any time you visit, you will always be entertained to live music. It is a place not to be missed. 

4. Browar Miejski

Located on Sopot’s main strip, Bohaterow Monte Cassino, Browar Miejski is the place to be if you are thirsty for locally brewed beer. This lovely hang-out spot offers a wide range of options on the drink many including Pils (light), Pszeniczne (wheat), Ciemne (dark), and American Red. 

One good thing about this bar is that you can also enjoy traditional Polish dishes. On the food menu, you will find various kinds of soup for which the bar is famous for including Zupa Dnia and Chlodnik. Also, you can try out the local’s favorite food, pierogi as well. 

5. Jack’s Bar

Looking for a bar with an American theme? Something that makes you feel more at home? Well, Sopot has got something for you – head over to Jack’s bar, a popular venue to relax and unwind on Poland’s Baltic Coast. 

One of the reasons for its popularity is its US-styled-themed menu with a stunning range of cocktails. The interior features number plates and wall hanging photos, giving guests that authentic US atmosphere. 

The bar also serves tasty Mexican cuisine. Well worth a visit!

Best Night Clubs in Sopot

Poles are known for their hedonistic lifestyle, so where do people go for fun at night? If you are looking for a wild time while vacationing, check out these great nightclubs in Sopot

1. The Unique Club and Lounge

To many revelers and night owls in Sopot, the Unique Club and Lounge is the most prestigious nightclub in the city. Great party vibes, experienced DJs, and great music make this the go-to club for your night out. Its location in the heart of the city makes it even more popular, as it is sited in the city square. 

The interior will leave you breathless. During summer, make sure you experience the terrace, which features specially selected areas for VIPs. Also, it has a massive-sized dance floor so you can come along with as many friends and possible. You can book the VIP area ahead of time via the club’s website. 

The DJs at the clubhouse dish out all kinds of songs to make your party special and unique. For a party like no other, look no further than Unique Club. 

2. TAN

TAN is one of the leading nightclubs in Sopot that makes everyone feel special. It is a place you will never forget in a rush and to which you would like to experience. Don’t be surprised when you find long queues at its entrance? This says a lot about the club’s popularity and classiness. 

Guests here are a bit mature and responsible. To feel the vibe even more, be sure to visit on Thursday and Friday. Keep in mind that younger people pay an entrance fee on Fridays unless you are above the age of 30, then you can enter the club without paying. 

Thursday night is free entry for all. A great place for anyone looking to have a nice time. 

3. EGO

Located in the popular Crooked House in the city center, EGO has been a great night out spot for many years. The club has been featured on the list of Top 10 Club Places in Poland by LOGO magazine. With a massive dance floor and trendy interior, EGO features friendly customer service, great music, and serves a wide range of drinks, including beer, wine, cocktails, and strong alcohol, in its well-stocked bar. 

The music genre includes Urban, trap, hip hop, soul, and RnB. The club runs all week long in the summers and on selected days – Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays – all year long except summer. 

4. Wtedy Club

This is one of the latest additions to the nightlife spots in Sopot. Enjoy great music and party till dawn. You can come here dressed the way you like. Wtedy club is designed for night owls who like freedom. Unrestricted fun and exciting moments await you here. 

Get ready for the jaw-dropping, awe-inspiring, and thrilling nightclub venue

5. The Bad Woman

A great-looking club offering an eclectic mix of a colorful interior with a musical cross-section of the last few decades from which the best DJs dish out songs. The bar is well stocked with different drink varieties. The bartenders will ensure you have a swell time. 

After a nice time at the bar, head to the club for a party time like no other. The clubhouse is open every day of the week. The club only admits people who are 21 years and above. 

Sopot is a great place to travel, and the nightlife in the city is something you should experience during your trip. Sopot nightlife has something that all night owls should experience. 

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