9 Must-Try Traditional Polish Drinks

Poles are known for their excellent cuisine and hearty dishes that evolved over centuries. But to satisfy your taste buds to the fullest, you should ideally pair your foods with some beverages. Poland has a variety of delicious drinks to enjoy, from soft ones to alcoholic beverages. Whether you’re addicted to tea or something pretty potent,…

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5 Best Restaurants in Krakow’s Old Town

The varied flavors of Polish dishes are showcased best in Krakow. No other city in Poland exudes fine dining with a difference than Krakow, crowned as the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture in 2019. You can’t deny the fact that Krakow is loaded with some of the highly sought after food varieties for foodies. There’s…

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5 Best Restaurants in Warsaw’s Old Town

Warsaw is fondly called ‘The City of the Phoenix’ for a good reason – its ability to rise from the ashes after the devastating destruction it suffered during WWII. However, the city’s Old Town was given top priority in the reconstruction project. Today, it is proclaimed a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. In addition, it…

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