Unlock the Mysteries of Science at Copernicus Science Centre

If you find yourself in Warsaw and are looking for a bit of science education and entertainment, the Copernicus Science Centre is the perfect spot. The center offers plenty of interactive exhibits on various topics like space, physics, and chemistry – enough to keep even the most curious mind occupied.

Plus, it’s located right next to one of Warsaw‘s main attractions, the Palace of Culture and Science.

So whether you’re traveling with kids or just looking for a fun way to spend an afternoon, be sure to check out the Copernicus Science Centre.

How To Visit?

Visiting the Copernicus Science Centre is like entering a new, exciting world. There are no glass cabinets or guided tours – instead, you are left to explore and discover for yourself what fascinates and inspires you amongst the over 400 exhibits.

The space itself is powerful: intermingling between different sciences creates an environment that stimulates curiosity and encourages learning through observing, experimenting, and asking questions. It’s up to each individual how much they take away from their visit – the exhibitions are constantly changing, so there’s always something new to learn! With six permanent galleries divided by subject, your journey through Copernicus is as unique as its contents.

Copernicus Science Center

Main Attractions

Lose yourself in the attractions of the Copernicus Science Center! You can explore the roots of civilization, experience the world in motion and learn about the relationship between man and his environment.

Get up close to amazing displays, such as in the Light Zone galleries or check out Bzzz!, a special gallery created for young children. Marvel at technical wonders, including what is believed to be Europe’s first robotic theater and a high-voltage theater that will surely leave you feeling charged.

Copernicus Science Center 2

Get hands-on with experimentation regarding physical phenomena or find out just how much energy is generated during an electric disco – where your body movements are a source of energy! The Heavens of Copernicus is a perfect example of an out-of-the-ordinary attraction.

A massive spherical screen displays various thematic shows about popular science topics, which provide viewers with an immersive experience and enrich their knowledge about the universe. Those who are in search of something a little more hands-on can explore the DIY section, where they can make discoveries or construct a work of art with their own hands.

This creative space offers multiple types of materials that certainly stimulate one’s imagination and let them express themselves through their creations.

Discover the attractions of the Copernicus Science Center on your next visit!

Buying Tickets

For a stressless experience, be sure to buy tickets either 1-2 hours before the tour at the ticket offices or even earlier if purchased online. Both methods provide tickets to exciting lessons and moments that will stay with you forever.

Getting There

Getting to Copernicus Science Centre offers visitors an easy and convenient journey! The Science Center provides paid parking for visitors traveling by car, 5 PLN per hour with cash only. Furthermore, access to the center has never been more convenient; you simply need to take any of the following buses: 118, 127, 105, 185, or 102 and 162.

You can also get there via the M2 line, where you will have to make a 3-minute walk from the Centrum Nauki Kopernik stop. Whatever your choice of arrival may be, getting to the Copernicus Science Centre promises an enjoyable experience!


To sum up, the Copernicus Science Centre is a must-see destination in the beautiful city of Warsaw. Not only will you get to explore its nine amazing exhibition spaces, but you can also take part in a variety of activities and educational programs.

It makes for a great day out for families, friends, and school groups alike – whether you’re looking for entertainment or knowledge about astronomy and science, the Copernicus Science Centre has something for everyone!

So why not come along on an adventure and explore the stars from one of Poland’s leading science centers?

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