• Reszel Castle
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    Reszel Castle

    Reszel is a little town in Warmia, where time seems to have stopped. It has hardly changed its appearance since the Middle Ages. Quiet, narrow streets, extensive parks, and a stunning Gothic castle create an almost idyllic atmosphere. Today, the castle in Reszel is a true gem of the defensive architecture of the Middle Ages and the town hallmark. History The history of the Reszel castle dates back to the mid-13th century when the Teutonic Knights built the first wooden and earth stronghold. From 1281, Reszel was ruled by Warmian bishops, who, around 1350, began the construction of a stone castle, which operated as a defensive fortress. In the 15th…

  • Teutonic Knight's Castle in Torun
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    Teutonic Knights’ Castle in Torun

    The castles have evolved, and their appearance has changed over the centuries. Poland is blessed with countless beautiful castles to admire, from medieval castles, baroque residences, fairy-tale palaces to magnificent ruins. Explore ancient ruins, discover mysterious remains, and learn the stories held within the walls of the Torun castle. History In the Chełmno Land, the Teutonic Order was building its first stronghold in Toruń in the mid-thirteenth century. On the plan of a closed horseshoe, a stone castle is made of stone and brick and a rampart and outer bailey around it. The castle was subject to constant expansion and modernization until the 14th century. Near the castle, there were…